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Wednesday, November 2, 2022

Brastop Haul

Thank heavens for Brastop and for their continued support of my twins! Last week I got a huge parcel of boobie-themed brilliance and I just had to snap and review these amazing pieces. 

Flirtelle is my go-to brand nowadays as they are always the perfect fit. I can trust that no matter what I order the 38H will fit like a dream and be super comfy for all-day wear. 

No I'm usually not one to go straight to a white bra but I think you need 3 naturals in your collection at all times to suit each and every look in your wardrobe.  The Emilie is sweet and soft, stretchy, and fits like a dream. I adore the sheer panels and delicate floral embroidery and the side support really does help give you that secure fit. 

Now when I was shooting I did not adjust the straps up to my usual height so these are shown a little lower than I'd usually wear them. But trust me I'm LIVING In these! 

I don't know how this is possible but this is my first black Flirtelle bra! How have I gone this long without my number 1 choice added to my collection? As I type this review I'm sitting at my desk wearing this exact bra and wishing I looked as glam as I do in these images lol.

What can I say about this piece other than holy hell it's perfect! Delicate stretch panels, stunning stretch lace, and the most adorable flower and polka dot motif. All topped off with bold scalloped edging. 

I wanted to pair this perfect fit with another stunning lace item and I've teamed this up with my Vixen by Micheline Pitt lace bolero and I adore the look. Underwear and outerwear pair so well together.

This might be my absolute favourite and now-to-be-worn-to-death piece from Curby Kate. this bralette gives you them most epic shape and lift and the comfort levels are out of this world.

This bright pop of mango lace is not only beautiful it's the most uplifting bralette I've ever worn - just look at that cleavage. I'm wearing this in a 38HH and 18 briefs which is my go-to for CK pieces and it's firm and comfy. 

Honestly, I'm so smitten with this set and hope for more colours, laces, and prints in the future. Bralettes like this change the game for no-wired support and I'm thrilled to own this. 

I swear there is a little bit of magic in Scantilly's balcony-style bras. They really lift and frame perfectly with the most intricate and amazing details. 

Featuring sheer mesh, abstract lace panels, and vertically seamed cups this design gives amazing uplift. I recently read this design feature as giving you 'cakes-on-a-plate' style cleavage and that's exactly it! Whenever I wear one of their bras in this style I feel lifted, rounded, and really out there in the best kind of way. I'm wearing this in the 38H with matching 18 bottoms. 

All of these amazing colours inspired my accessory choices and both the mango and hot pink shades gave me instant summer/flower shop head styling ideas! 

Lastly, I could not help but snap my little ginger fur baby when shooting this set of images at home! It's always impossible to get a good photo holding any of my cats but I adore this shot! 

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