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Monday, April 4, 2022

Thistle and Spire

Have you seen the most amazing bodysuit ever created - The Medusa online and wondered if you could rock it yourself? I've been contemplating that for many moons now and thinking if my curves could work perfectly when paired with Thistle and Spire. The answer? Hell yes, they do!! So if you want any of these pieces shown in this review or something extra please use the CURVESTOKILL10 for 10% off from now until the end of June 2022.  

Sheer perfection paired with the most delicate embroidery and lush design that's the essence of this amazing size-inclusive label. 

It's rare that with all my curves, lumps, bumps, curves and fab bits that I really feel at piece, super comfy and really feel amazing in lingerie but I can honestly say that wearing Thistle and Spire makes me feel exactly that way. 

I don't know if you can tell from the sheer amount of images or just my comfort levels while running about the forest on a rainy day but I just adore these pieces! The support, the soft feel and visuals of these pieces are really otherworldly. 

This bralette and thong set features tulle, front closure styled bralette with the iconic T&S exclusive embroidery and finished into an adjustable back. This sheer tulle is almost nude and pairs perfectly with the bright embroidered leaves. 

I'm wearing every piece shown in this photoshoot in a 2XL which is my go to for most styles. However I'm never sure 100% and after wearing these I honestly think a 1XL will be my choice from now on as these are a little roomy. Regardless they feel amazing and I could lounge in these 3 piece forever.

For every Brooklyn Haze purchase, 5% of the proceeds will go towards legislative reform efforts to advance racial justice and equity. How brilliant is it to shop with companies who actually give back and care about the world around them.


I swear my wardrobe is a little more magical this week after adding these stunning pieces. The next set is the super sweet yet sex Cornelia Babydoll and matching thong. A flirty sheer baby doll with equisite black floral embroidering at the bust.  

These past few years I've really become a fan of the baby doll and how easily it cane be worn in and out of the bedroom. Pairing cuped versions beneath dresses or layering items like the Cordelia with slip, tanks and more. 

The Cordelia is so flattering, comfy and really does give the girls a nice amount of support. The sheer and flowing fabric makes me feel at ease with my mid section and the matching thong is so light you'll forget you're wearing it!

As you can see it's effortless to style these items and hey instantly inspired me to swan about and be super lush. 


Is there anything more iconic than the T&S Medusa? This piece has been celebrated globally in bodysuit and separates with the most divine selection of colours. 

Why is this piece so well loved? It's all in the placement of those snakes. They flatter your figure while still celebrating it. The delicate creatures really pop on the gold tule and I was inspired to pair this with another bright pop of colour in the same fabric. 

Now this bodysuit is a little big for me on my lower half but now that I know my size I'll be getting the 1XL next time round. Still that does not stop me from feeling amazing while wearing it. 

As you can see the suit was also the inspiration for my hair for this shoot as I wanted a soft ginger retro vibe. As per usual my wigs or hairpieces are from Annabelle Wigs.

Last but definitely not least the Medusa Bodysuit from the back. The entire back section of the bodysuit is matching gold super soft and comfy mesh. Hugging your curves, and really making the toosh pop. I honestly can't get enough of this amazing company and the magic their garments cast on me. 

If you have any more specific fit questions please email, comment or DM my Instagram account as don't forgot to use CURVESTOKILL10 for 10% off from now until the end of June 2022.  


  1. Do you mind telling me what size are wearing since I think I’m a similar size you?

    1. Hi! I've written this within the review but for all of these I'm in a 2XL. I fine it accomodates my bust but is sometimes too big on my waist.