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Wednesday, April 6, 2022


Recently I was asked to review and shoot one of the brand new corsets created by Tragic Beautiful

My eyes were instantly drawn to a little occult-themed PVC underbust and from there I let my inspiration run with it. 

So with a quick look on the Tragic Beautiful website I found this absolutely yummy tasselled mini dress and the combo turned out to be pure perfection. 

Now I'm actually used to ordering corsets from waist measurements and then subtracting say 7 or 8 inches for the shape desired but these are listed as standard sizes. So I went with the 3XL which was close to my stats but it's actually way too big and I can fully close the corset. 

But for an even or look I'm wanting to create without overly morphing my shape this is really comfortable. I'll be going down a size or two for my next order though as I love tight lacing. The comfort levels of this steel boned underbust are phenomenal though and the PVC is so soft. 

With its bold silver hardware, chains and front lacing this piece is really a show stopper and I'm so happy TB has started to create their own in house line of corsets. Can't wait to see what they come up with next! 

An extra close up to see all those brilliant details and how perfectly they pair with the Nix Dress. I adore this combo! I'm wearing the dress in my usual 3XL but it's super roomy and I found the straps even though fully tightened kept falling off my shoulders. Killstar sizes can be a little hit and miss at times for dreses. 

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