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Sunday, November 7, 2021

Novella The Label

Looking for the world's most perfect day to night, park picnic to cocktails dress? With pockets?

Well look no further! The Snowdrop Square Neck Knit Midi Dress Black and White Confetti Print is my latest obsession.

That stunning square neckline, puffed sleeve and curve hugging fabric makes me feel absolutely dreamy. The fit is amazing in an 18 as this lined fabric is super soft and stretchy. 

The bust is my so fab on my HH size chest and I really love how it frames me. Showing that perfect amount of cleavage and really flattering my midsection with  the fitted bodice. I find the extra height on the sleeve really evens me out as well. Sometimes I feel a little too broad but a feature like this really helps.

This is a style you'll wear day in and day out as it's just that comfy! The pockets are super roomy as well so you can easily fit your phone and keys if you're not packing a purse.


Now lets talk about print. Not a traditional polka tot but more of a artistic splash of snow on a solid black base. This print is perfect to style in a traditional pinup way or completely modern. 

Now this style also comes in a leopard print version and that is most definitely on my lust list. I've already worn this twice in the last week and a half and need more options! I've also Added a few videos of both prints so you can start swooning! 

So the only question is which will you be getting first? 

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  1. I liked your Midi outfit its looking trendy and fashionable.