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Tuesday, November 9, 2021

Sarsparilly and Snoopy!

It's time to get bright and cute with Snoopy! Sarsparilly have blown my mind once again with the sweetest collection cross over with Peanuts.

Racing Hearts Jacket and Love, Snoopy Jacket 

Is there anything more adorable than Snoopy and Woodstock? The sweetest palls are featured on this soft pastel pink cotton sateen skirt in a love filled border print.

Your favourite beagle and birdy duo are having the sweetest cuddle in this perfectly fitted full skirt! Backed by lots and lots of X's and O's. An absolute celebration of their love and friendship. 

I'm wearing the skirt in a 2XL and it's actually too tight but my tailor can fix this with ease. The waistband does not have any give so be sure to double-check the waist measurements. I usually wear 2XL/3XL in most of Sarsparilly's styles though depending on fabric and stretch. 

Now what better to pair with this sweet swing skirt than a completely Snoopy themed moto jacket! By now you are fully aware of my OBSESSION with moto jackets and I'm so excited to add this to my collection. Featuring a Snoopy hugging a heart print on the back, red heart elbow patches, red zips and the pale pink/black heart print lining. 

Now I'm an expert on fit with all of Sarsparilly's jackets by now and I'm loving this in the 3XL which fits my bust in perfectly! But the fit is not the only thing to fall in love with as all the design features really pop on this little moto and I'm wearing it non stop until summer!

How adorable is this collection? I can't get enough of these pieces and I can't wait to show you what's next from this amazing label. 


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