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Monday, November 1, 2021

Merry Creepmas

 Today is the day we celebrate Creepmas early! Blackmilk Clothing's latest collection is the perfect mix of festive and creepy.

Folklore prints for Christmas! Oh hell yes! This perfect little scoop-necked skater dress is my new obsession. Featuring the ICONIC Krampus himself.  

A darker more gothic print with a rich red base that pairs perfectly with pretty much every piece in my wardrobe. I'm wearing this style in an XL and the fit is firm yet super comfy. No print morphing at the bust, no stretched-out images, no worries! I tend to stick with the XL's in most styles and Larges in certain pants.

Styling-wise I wanted to shoot this exactly how I'd wear it out. So a red plaid Killstar cropped moto and last year's Blackmilk red sporty stripe tights completed the look. 

This piece is a joy to wear and will be on high rotation over December. The darkness of the print means styling is super easy. 

An extra pagan vibe with some Baphomet glasses and we have the ultimate spooky festive look.

Zipped or unzipped this jacket looks amazing with the Krampus dress. I'm in love with this look. 

Two Christmas releases in a row I've fallen head over heels for a playsuit. This season's print though can be worn all year round! Covered in ruby red cherries this slinky all-on-one piece is soft, stretchy, and effortlessly chic. 

I just adore the way this playsuit fits and falls. So flattering and comfortable while still being absolutely stunning. 

I've paired this with stockings but for summer I'll be wearing this with some super strappy black wedges. I just love the pop of red on my legs for this themed shoot. 

Accessory wise I've gone with my turban headband from Lucy Wilkins Fashion. I'm addicted to all of her pieces and need to order more for summer. 

I can't get enough of each of these looks! Bring on December so I can wear them non-stop! 

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