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Tuesday, September 28, 2021

Cute 'n' Spooky

Last week I got my hands on a few of the amazing new pieces from the Erstwilder X Mimsy Collection. So we rushed out over the weekend to snap these little stunners! Now I've been a huge fan of Mimsy's work for over a decade now after meeting her just before Greezefest many moons ago. I watched her tattoo my love Micheline with the sweetest makeup pieces so it's been my goal to get inked by her one day soon. For now I'll be wearing these pieces with pride! 


A witches cauldron is never complete without a little smoke and sparkles. I never knew I could love a cauldron but this has swayed me.


The mixtures of resin and colours plus the fire really make this little brooch pop! 


The dark colour palette pops on my red vixen Tie Me Up Top which I'm wearing in a size XL.

I swear each and every spooky-themed release I fall for a house-based style. This year I'm swooning for this hunted house. 

The construction of this brooch is phenomenal. With multiple layers to create this layered location. I can't help but adore the effort and design skill that went into this! 


Plus the shape really pops and let's face it, it's my ideal brooch style always.

We all adore a little floral brooch from Erstwilder but what about a flash inspired version of a rose? Oh hells yeah!

The perfect combination of resin and tattoo lines in one piece. This rose is absolutely stunning and I'm going to be wearing this every season. 


I just love how it pops on my Black and White Stripe Tie Me Up Top. The red pops even on a patterned top!  I've also paired a pair of the Solid Cat Drop Earrings with this look and some of the false tattoos that came with my order.  Love this whole look oh so much!

The drop earrings also pair perfectly with this range and you have so many resins and colours to choose from.

Have you ever seen a cuter hooter? Boob joke and owl joke rolled into one! This little feathered friend is super sweet and in love with this piece.

Just look at those adorable peepers! Plus those little claws on the little branch! I'm dying over here!!


You may notice I'm not sporting my usual black locks as I've been slowly adding lots of Annabelle's Wigs to my collection in every colour possible. This style is the Josefina and it's making me want to go back to being red. Luckily I can use this and not strip my hair. 

I also paired this hooter with another of the cat drop earring designs and I love the purple glitter in this resin. 

They pair perfectly! 

Last but definitely not least are the enamel pins that pair with this release. I went with the Panther Enchanter  and the Lock and Key pins. Perfect for a little pop on your top or for your pin collection moto jackets. These have instantly been popped on my baby blue moto as they really work perfectly. 

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