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Thursday, October 7, 2021

Witchy Woman

Tis time to get a little bit dark and whimsical thanks to my love Lucy Wilkins.  As I've mentioned in past blogs we are very close in measurements so I can always sneak away a sample to create a little magic with.

Oh my where do I start with this stunner? A fully corseted, stunningly sheer sleeved and layered full skirt this Starry Witch gown has it all!

The perfect mixture of purple and black with the layered skirt and sleeves covered in metallic purple embroidered stars and velvet bows detailing at the wrists.

This piece also consists of a black velvet bodice with satin tie front. The bodice is boned and as you can see makes for an amazing shape and lots of boobage! 

Lucy makes all of her pieces to order so you can get that perfect fit in the fabrics, colours and styles you need. I'm blown away by this dress and really want one of my own. 

Now for this bodice you can wear it with or without a bra but I'm loving the look of without. It's so comfy and stunning and I'll cherish these images forever.

I can't confirm a size specifically as this is a sample fit for the designer herself but I'd say it's an 18.

My red locks for this shoot are from my obsession Annabelle Wigs. This is the Josefina wig and it's got me missing my old hair colour big time! 

So if you are looking for a custom made piece of perfection you need to visit Lucy's store ASAP! 

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