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Monday, September 14, 2020

The Bone Brigade

Today marks yet another awesome Halloween release from Erstwilder! This week we have the arrival of The Bone Brigade range in both resin and enamel pins. I've got a few of the first release bone themed brooches so this year I went all out on the pins. 


Hoot and Haunt, Grizzly Gruesome , Frightful Fox, Mousey Michief , Haunted Hopper

Pumpkin Chunky Glitter Resin Drop Earrings 

Gummy Brains Skater Dress 

Sarsparilly Veronica Jacket - $107.10 (sale) 

Foodle in Ashed Out 

Orange Tuban Wrap - $29.95

Flowers by Miz Smitten Kitten 

I'm spending most of September and October in spooky themed goodes as we don't get to celebrate Halloween as per usual and I love everything horror or halloween themed. Why limit your style and accessories to one day a year right? 

This enamel pin release has some of the cutest little bone critters ever! We've got owls, frogs, bears and mice. What I love most about each piece is the little pop of colour on hidden within each. Each represents something very specific about the creature and they are adorable. 

While I wear black motos most of the time for this shoot I really wanted these black based pins to pop so I've paired them with my baby blue Veronica jacket. It seems to be a match made in heaven. 


While some shots reflected the light a little too much I wanted to show just how fab these pieces work with colour. 


My essential drop earring punkins also inspired my hair style for this shoot as well. I was really loving the combo or pale blue and orange and it pairs so well with my blonde foodle. The essentials are a super well priced range of must haves that suit just about anything in your wardrobe. This resin is sold out but you can snap up more colours and different shapes. 

What did you get from this collection? 

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  1. I managed to snag the Hoot & Haunt brooch, but i'm thinking I may go back and pick up some of the enamel pins, they are just SO cute!