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Sunday, September 13, 2020

Super Plunge!

This is the year for amazing creations that defy gravity and help super busty girls like myself wear low cut and deep plunge style dresses and tops without fear. From tape to bras there is something out there to help any bust size and my current favourite is the Super Multi-way Plunge from Curvy Kate

Have you ever needed a multi use bra that can give you a super plunge at the front, turn into a halter and even suit those very low cut or backless dresses? As a H cup and up girl it's really hard to find any product that actually works with any of these styles as we always need the support and straps. But Curvy Kate has created a multi-wear item that will save you in all situations. 

This set was taken directly after a full fashion shoot and this was my base beneath each and every look. Not only did the bra give me no issues the deep plunge was perfect! While I'm not wearing it to the fullest effect here I'll be ordering a backless dress asap so I can shoot just how easy to change the straps are and how versatile this piece is. It's multiple bras in one!! I'm wearing this style in a 36HH and it's perfection. Great shape, great amount of lift and depending on the firmness of the garments you wear the cleavage just keeps getting more and more epic. 

I have a stunning new dress from La Femme En Noir that I'll be shooting very soon and this is the exact style that's needed for the deep plunge neckline. 

Available in nude or black you'll be needing both for your collection and I've snapped up this stunning black version from Storm In A D Cup a locally company that focuses on larger cup lingerie. They have such a stunning selection of all my favourite brands and I'll be ordering from them again ASAP! .

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