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Wednesday, September 9, 2020

Let's Get Spooky

Finally I'm back in Sourpuss Clothing!!! Some of my most lusted after pieces arrived last week and I've been hanging to share every little detail with you move loves. Each piece in this review is a size XXL and honestly I could have gone down to the XL for most. I'm at that annoying stage where I'm in between some sizes for each brand and I'm forever ordering a little larger. It's nothing a belt or a tailor can't fix though.

Black Slip Dress - $44.00

White Leopard Crop Sweater - $32.95 

My 90's dreams have come true in the form of this delicious black slip dress. From the moment I put this piece on I was in love. The fabric is soft and simply glides over you, fitting perfectly where needed - the bust and looking amazing. 

From the get go I loved this piece but you're never 100% sure how things will look on your own body but once it was on I instantly wanted another one! 

For styling I paired this piece with one of my new Yemak Cardigans in leopard and a lock and chain choker. There is something so effortless and perfect about this dress and I can't wait to style it in a million ways come summer. Check out my Yemak 40% off discount code a little further done in this review!

Luna Bats Fiesta Maxi Dress - $78.00

I've been lusting after the flocked velvet brilliance of the Luna Bat's Fiesta dress for so long but I was always torn - do I want a mini or a maxi. The extra length one in the end and I'm absolutely in love with this piece. The fabric is pure magic - flocked bat bats on a sheer base with a an under dress that covers the bodice to just above the knees. 

The stunning off the shoulder style is super flattering and you can easily pop your bra straps down or wear a strapless style. The off the shoulder style sleeves can also be worn up which is brilliant if you're not a fan of a bardot sleeve. 

Freak Show Cami Skater Dress - $58.00

Now this is my first time in the Cami Skater style but the option of pockets on a skater was something I could not miss out on. This style fits much like my other skaters from SP Clothing but with the addition of a waist tie and hidden pockets. 

I found I can adjust the bust and make it higher or lower which is great for work. I'm in the XXL as I mentioned at the start of this post and I feel like fabric wise I could really size down as it has so much stretch. 

The pattern is amazing! Bright pops of colour and so much creepy brilliance going on. I've paired this dress with my amazing new Yemak Cardigan in Magenta . Use the code : Teer-yemak-018 on your order and get 40% of your total order! 

Scorpion Skater Dress - $64.00

After the success of my long sleeve bat skater I instantly wanted the scorpion skater. I've been wearing my bat printed version of this shape all year round and it's insanely comfy. The Scorpion print version does not disappoint! 

Created from that same super lightweight and super soft fabric it's a joy to wear. The fabric has a lot of stretch and true to skater fit it's super flattering. Again like last years print even though this size is large on my my bust tends to make the white of the underside pop through. Black bras help but I'm forever having this issue with my bust and certain fabrics it seems. 

Other than that this piece is amazing and I really adore how easy it is to style and wear all year round. 

Now I did get some more items but I'm going to break these shoots up into two sets so I can focus on little accessories etc. But I did shoot my two most beloved bags ever! 

True Crime Duffel Bag - $78.00

I'm absolutely obsessed with all things True Crime related so the moment the new True Crime print came out I needed to snap up the duffle bag ASAP! Covered with weapons, skulls and all thing's killer this piece is perfection. It's big enough to use as a weekender or for me - the perfect staycation and shooting bag. 

The print is that perfect I'll need to get my paws on the purse version as well and use it as my go to handbag daily. Now all I need is to have this turned into a dress - can you hear me fashion gods ;)

Viddy Well Purse - $56.00

Are you a fan of A Clockwork Orange? Well you need the Viddy Well purse in your world. This purse pays homage to the classic novel by Anthony Burgess and the visual created in Kubricks film. So bold, so bright and so fab. The perfect Droog to take out for the evening. 

I'm absolutely loving each and every piece and can't wait to see what else will be revealed for Halloween! 

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