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Monday, September 7, 2020

Black Red Rose

I've finally got my hands on what is quite frankly the holy grail of peekaboo dresses for busty/curvy girls.


Now this fabric might look familiar as I shot the midi skirt version of it recently! The Dark Rose print is forever selling out so whenever it pops back up in stock I rush to order a new piece. 

Many moons ago I feel hard for the Rio Midi Dress as it's unbelievably comfortable, figure flattering and show the perfect amount of skin. This stunning and super stretchy dress is soft and silky, flows perfectly over my hips and really makes the twins pop.

I'm wearing the Dark Rose in an XL as I love the bust fit in this size. I can go between the XL and Large with ease at BlackMilk but for some specific styles I feel must more secure in the bust with an XL. Being a dark print with a white underside I don't want to stretch it too much either. 

The little peekaboo feature on the waist is super cute and for the chilly star of spring and for this more dark/gothic shoot I wanted to show the option of wearing a dark print beneath. In summer I'll be showing my skin all day every day in my 3 Rio's but you can also style to cover up if you like. 

From a corset to a body suit anything solid works in this panel. I've gone to black pinstripe for this look but any deep complimenting colour will pair perfectly. 

As I say every time I review this specific style I will honestly be purchasing every print or solid colour this specific design comes out in. I just adore the way it fits me. 

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