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Monday, August 31, 2020

Kitschy Witch

 Just in time for my 2 months commitment to all things kooky and spooky comes the latest Halloween release from Erswilder. This Halloween season they've teamed up with the amazing Stephanine Buscema one of my all time favourite artists. 

Stephanie is a New York based painter, illustrator and designer. Inspired by old story books, vintage design, monsters, Halloween and circus sideshows, her work can be seen everywhere from picture books to fashion. I've always admired her art translating into fashion with fabrics but I've never had the chance to wear a piece until now. 

The Erstwilder x Kitschy Witch range launches today with a collection of the cutest spooky themed pieces. I was lucky enough to snap up two of my favourites and of course I needed to base my whole look around these sweet and spooky brooches. 

I'm usually not obsessed with anything Witch related but there was something that instantly drew me to this little lady. 

Impeccably styled, amazing hair and those adorable little stars - what's not to love. Every detail in this piece is pure magic. 

He side eye twinkles and I'm 100% in love with this little lass. The mixture of essential Halloween colours also makes me swoon. 

I obviously took way too much inspiration from this little lady's look as I've worn the same colours! Finally took my Vixen By Micheline Pitt Purple Sweetheart Dress out of a spin and paired it with a jack'o'lanten inspired cardigan. 

I'm wearing my dress in a 2XL and the cardigan in an XL, both fit like a dream and this might be my go to outfit this Halloween season. 

Keeping with the matchy, match theme I've also styled my hair with a foodle and a purple nylon scarf from my collection. Simple yet adorable! 

Wow this piece sold out INSTANTLY! I really did not think that one of my picks would such a hot seller but obviously all the Ertwilder fans have great taste. 

I absolutely adore a multiple piece brooch set as you care mix and match with your other pieces or more in this collection. The cursed cuppa is perfect for anyone obsessed with tea or retro aesthetics as it features a mini teapot and cup! 

Again Stephanie has created such a detailed and stunning piece with spooky themes throughout. The owl on the Teapot has to be my favourite feature as it ties in the colour story while still keeping to the spooky theme. 

What's great about this set is you can pair them with the Witch, wear separately or get inspired to create more pairings. If you think these are brilliant you need to get online ASAP and see the whole range. Be quick though as they are selling out fast. 

There are also a lots of new essential pieces that have been released with this  Halloween themed collection. Lots of drop or stud style earrings in bold shapes and colours. I could not go past the little white bones and the purple kitties. For $10 they are an absolute steal! 

So what is on your list? Did you snap anything up? 

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