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Monday, September 28, 2020

More Brastop

Today I've got some more stunning pieces from Brastop to share! Featuring my two favourite labels Scantilly and Curvy Kate plus a brand new brand that once tried on I'm 100% in love with.

With lockdown in full swing here I'm having to shoot more and more in my own home but I've created a little more with our space now. However I can't wait to get back on the road and start shooting lingerie and fashion on location. The beach and the forest are calling my name loudly! But luckly my house loves the afternoon light and my new backyard has one of the most stunning plants so I've been able to pretend if only briefly that I'm in the perfect location. 

Curvy Kate Subtropic Balconette Bikini Top Cherry Red/Pink

Curvy Kate Subtropic High Waist Bikini Brief Cherry Red/Pink

I've been a huge fan of everything ever created by Curvy Kate but I've never tried a swimsuit or bikini but this year I feel hard for the Subtropic Balconette shape and colour. How could you not fall head over heels for this combination of cherry red and hot pink. 

So bright and perfectly designed in a way to compliment a large bust without showing too much! The colour blocking of this piece gives me a  retro vibe but with a modern fit and I'm smitten. 

I'm wearing this binkni in a 36HH and the bottoms in an 18. The band on the top is super tight so I think in the future for Curvy Kate Swimwear I might got one band size up. The cups however are perfect, but then again swimwear always loosens when in water. 

The bottoms are high waisted but not my idea style. They fit perfectly in an 18 but I think I'd be more inclined to wear a high waisted all black brief with this top. 

The colour blocking and black straps mean I can pair the top with a huge selection of bottoms in those three colours and even wear this under jackets for a real pop of colour. 

I've paired this bikini with my stunning Nylon Swish robe and a whole heap of my Miz Smitten Kitten flowers to go full tropical! 

I'm keen to hear other peoples experiences with Curvy Kate swimwear as I'm always on the look out for the perfect bikini for a plus size shape. 

Flirtelle Swirl Balconette Bra Fig Purple

Flirtelle Swirl Brief Fig Purple

I've become a Flirtelle addict this year as they have some of the most comfortable bras and briefs I've ever tried. This stunning dark Balconette bra in a dark purple is now my go to bra for comfort. It fits perfectly and the swirl lace detailing and stunning edging really pop on my pale skin. 

I'm wearing the swirl style bra in a 36HH and it's 100% perfect fit wise. The stretch and super soft fabric is also what makes this my new go to style. It's that comfortable I'll be needing all of the possible colour ways as it will be on high rotation weekly. 

Bottoms wise I went for the 18 in the brief and stretch and softness is really comfortable.They are a mid brief but for this shoot I wore them a little higher. I'm rather round in the mid section these days (oh aging how fun are you after 30?) so I'm always on the hunt for super comfy bottoms and this set is perfection for a size 18. 

I love the rich purple shade and I was inspired to pair this set witha robe I picked up many moons ago at Target. The teal and purple combo are deelish! I'll also be shooting this bra beneath a sheer purple bodysuit this week and I can't wait to see how it pairs. 

This style also comes in red and navy so those and a classic black bra with the same fit are next on my lust list. 

Scantilly by Curvy Kate Submission Plunge Bra Black/Blue

Oh Scantilly you always have my heart. There is something so dark, sexy and strong about a Scantilly piece. They're always unique and beautifully crafted. 

The Submission Bra is sheer black perfection paired with bright pops of blue and white embroidery on the cups, blue cage detailing and a scalloped edge. I'm always referring to the Scantilly pieces as artwork in bra form and this mixture of black and royal blue really do pop. 

Fit wise I went for the 38HH as I find these always fit a smaller on the band. The cup is perfect and I feel really amazing when wearing this piece. 

I've never paired blue and black together as I thought it was a fashion faux paux but with a rich royal blue it's actually a perfect pairing. 

Brief wise I got a matching brief but I really have issues with super thin sides on underwear as I'm super hippy. They fit comfortably but I'd rather a full brief or one size up cut in less. I've got the brief in an XL and they great but a 2XL would be better. 

Brastop are absolutely amazing for all your large cup needs and I'm loving each and every brand they stock. I can't wait to order more! Here are a few more of this stunning bikini top as I could not limit my choices! 

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