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Monday, September 28, 2020

Sarsparilly x Irregular Choice

Are you ready for what might be my cutest, brightest and most overly matchy, matchy shoot of all time? Well if not prepare your eyes for the absolute brilliance of Sarsparilly's collaboration with Irregular Choice. 

With their powers combined these amazingly creative fashion icons have created the most adorable Sushi themed range. A range full of dresses, shoes, jewelry and purses. 


Is there anything better in this world that gingham? It's one of my absolute favourite fabrics, inspiring summer picnics and adorable outfits. What makes gingham even more cute? How about some of the sweetest looking  pieces of sushi! Created to pair perfectly with the Irregular Choice shoes this summer style 50s Dress with matching belt is lightweight, 

I've forever been in LOVE with all of Sarsparilly's designs, and my last feature covered their baby blue moto jacket which in itself is the best jacket in my collection. 

This summer 50's style is light weight yet structured. The bodice was my only issue as my boobies tend to pancake if I get the wrong size so I went up to a 3XL in this piece and it's a perfect fit for my chest but loose at the waist. This is easily fixed with the matching waist belt or any other belt from my collection.


Now there is no stretch for in this fabric so be sure to go for the exact measurements and as I've done focus on the ones that cause the most issues so you can get the waist tailored or belted. The print is bold and bright and looks so sweet on the bold black/white gingham. I've paired this look with a blue/purple/orange cardigan and I love how well it pops! 

Inspired but the colour selections and the amazing theme I wanted to go all out with this set and created not only a fashion shoot but also one of my favourite flat lays. It's such a perfect way of shooting shoes and getting all those details in. This flat lay is filled to the brim with collaboration pieces and more. 

How freaking magical are these heels? So much colour, so many adorable details and the most vibrant gold heel. Irregular Choice have this magical ability to make artwork with footwear, and the comfort levels are insane. I'm wearing a 42 in these heels and they that comfortable I could wear them all day long. But I'll be saving these for special occasions as they are stunning. 

Irregular Choice shoes are always inspiring so for this flat lay I used some of my favourite pieces. Kaiju Crush an amazing beer, Pocky and more sunglasses from Catch A Thief.  

For the stunning accessories I had to really make them pop. Not only for the flat lay as soon above but when paired with my hair, turban and sunglasses - all purchased at Catch A Thief. I knew from the moment these pieces arrived I knew I wanted to got for a foodle and turban look and I just love the results. The bright pop of colour with the red sunnies is also adorable! 

I'm in love with this whole look and had so many compliment while shooting! 

How freaking adorable is the little soy bottle purple! Perfect for spare change, a few cards etc for a night out when you don't want to carry anything huge. That happy little smile and giant eyes have my heart!!! 

The On A Roll earrings are the purrfect mix of sushi and kitty cuteness. The bold design really pops and I honestly can't get over how adorable those little faces are. 

I'm always looking to pair a statement earring with any look and these are the perfect addition. I'm so excited for summer now and I'll be wearing this dress everywhere! 

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