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Thursday, September 24, 2020

The Mansfield Cardigan

With spring finally here it's time to style stunning cardigans and get inspired with bold colours. Mademoiselle X has just released their iconic Mansfield style in two delicious colours Scarlet and Violet. The perfect shades to bring in the warmer weather and inspire you to break free of your dark winter blues.


Featuring a ¾ sleeve for the very first time! I'm addicted to 3/4 sleeve lengths so I'm over the moon about this new length. Complete with ruffled portrait collar, black velvet ties and buttons and an open v-décolleté. 

This is my 3rd and 4th in the Mansfield style and I'm swooning. The fit is absolutely superb in an 18 with a soft and luscious stretchy cotton fabric that hugs your curves and is very accommodating of a plus size figure. 



The buttons do slightly gape as you can see but the fit is actually perfect. I was wearing a corset for this set so my bust is raided higher and that tends to add more stress to buttons. Without it I don't tend to get that issue at all. I barely notice it! 

I feel like a little pinup forest nymph in these two stunning pieces and I can't wait to pair them with bold spring floral dresses and skirts. The vibrant colours are going to pair perfectly with all of my wardrobe so the options are endless. 


The length on these a cardigans is also amazing. I find that some cardigans with my chest size come up a little short but there is the perfect length in this piece hitting me on the top of my hip. These can be worn tucked or untucked but I have to admit I love the boobtastic they look when paired with a high waisted skirt. 

The black velvet buttons are absolutely darling but you can also snap up a Swarovski crystal button version of the Scarlet Mansfield for $170.00. I'm more of a fan of black detailing on bright cardigans so I've opted for the standard style. But if you love a little more glamour and sparkle the crystal buttons will be on your lust list. 


Clearly I adored both looks and the styling as we took so many shots!! I've paired this with a classic faux leather skater skirt and some of my favourite flowers from Miz Smitten Kitten! I wanted to go full flower shop head with both looks and I love the results. 


So be sure to snap up these as they are a limited release and such a perfect addiction to your year round wardrobe. 

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