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Monday, April 27, 2020

A little more Tutti!

While I'm still working my day job 5 days a week I'm very focused on spending my weekends safely settled inside. While loungewear and PJ's are my go to most weekends, there is a need for some amazing little body suits as well.

I've hit the jackpot recently with Tutti Rouge as they make the most amazing bodysuits perfectly designed for curves and big busts. Why does lounging about your home need to be boring? With these piece you can be comfortable and super sexy without any effort.

I had seen this piece on a few of my favourite curvy lingerie bloggers and wanted to see if my body could look anywhere as fab in this super strappy style.

Currently, I seem to have a slight obsession with intricately strappy designs and this piece is both super strappy and super sexy. I was silly enough to not look at the back of this product prior to ordering but to my surprise the strappy back is stunning.

I'm wearing this bodysuit in a size XL, and I find the fit very true to size. The bra closer as the back is attached to super stretchy elastic so it really fits perfectly without digging in or making any bad back rolls.

The bust is not wired but I find that the support given is great. This might also be a great alternative to a standard bra when I wear certain plunge necklines.

More lace and net  - Gimme! Gimme! Another super soft and stretchy bodysuit but this style focuses more on a full mesh body and lace trimming.

Now as you can see from the bust in each bodysuit it's all about natural comfort. Being wire free yet supported by the straps and back closures really does add to the lounge/comfort factor of each piece.

I'm wearing this piece in an XL as well, and the fit is amazing. Soft and super stretchy so you'll not have anything digging into you or any uncomfortable straps. The navy blue shade is also completely new for me but I'm loving this shade with my complexation and hair colour and pairs perfectly with my Peter Alexander robe from many, many moons ago.

EZ T Bra in Mink - £20. 00

The new EZ T Bra is a fantastic style that has been created for everyday wear. Gone are the days when you were dying to get your boobie prison off at the end of a hard day. Brands like Tutti Rouge are creating pieces for us to actually enjoy wearing.

Now to find my sister size I actually trusted the brains at TR and my 36HH turned out to be equivalent to a 40G. This size with the very large back is not as firm the comfort level is sky high. IT gives a super round and high shape which looks amazing in most tops and dresses. I'm actually wearing this right now and it's pure magic. A wired bra that does not dig or make you feel like you want to take it off ASAP.

I'm wearing this on the tightest hook, and I'm so comfy, uplifted and just feeling fab. The fabric is silky soft as well so it's a joy to wear. I'm that smitten with this piece I'll need to order one in black and maybe another colour soon as I'll wear these on rotation all week long.

*Update* It seems that the lift and shape of this piece get lots of attention while merely walking down the streets. This is a mighty powerful piece!

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