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Monday, March 9, 2020

The Big Reveal!

Reveal day is finally here!!!!

After planning, shopping and comparing so many amazing products we can finally reveal the results of our amazing bedroom makeover.

Our hardwood bedroom suite from B2C is pure magic! Offering us sleek and stunning designs while being so comfortable and easy to use. From the moment we starting unpacking and building this suite we knew just how well made each piece was. Our Sunday afternoon was filled with lots of confused cats, an electric drill and lots of moving!

Each piece arrived with detailed instructions and the building process was really enjoyable, we even roped in the kids for a piece or two. Everyone had a job, a goal and we all worked together to create this stunning set. As you can see Charlie the kitty was confused and gave up early on.

Nacho however became site forkitty and watched over the building.

One of the main reasons we chose this set was for the storage and once the bed was fully assembled we fell 100% in love! So much higher than our old crappy bed and the dark rich chocolate hardwood is beautiful. This piece makes our old room like a dumpster.

 Here is a comparison so you can see just how much it changed. Back to those little details.

The HUGE drawers create so much space for storage, and we've filled these with our bedding, extra pillows and when open for too long a kitty or two. Nacho has also learnt how to open the chest of drawers which is always fun.

Each piece in this set really pops against the soft light walls in our room. The bedside tables are effortlessly chic as is the whole set. Now we've been sleeping in our newly made over room for a week now and there is something magical about coming home to a room you truly love. We really disliked every piece of our old setting and it was completely drab. Now we never want to leave our bedroom.

When we visited the show room we also noticed that the Coco Suite also came in a stunning crisp white. So if the rich chocolate is not the shade you are looking for be sure to check out the white version.

I've stuck with my colour palette and added an extra shade into the mix. From my inspiration I came across the amazing Elysian Fields print from Sin In Linen. I've seen this stunning fabric before in darker more gothic shades but with our new dark wood bed I wanted to add something lighter and more pet fur friendly.

The stunning blue version of the Elysian Fields fabric was the perfect choice and fit in perfectly with the colours I had in mind. This quilt cover is 100% Cotton Sateen with a 300 thread count. Completely machine washable and has hidden button closures. This stunning quilt cover is the perfect way to complete our entire bedroom look and it's so comfortable to sleep in.

The detailing on this piece is absolutely amazing with bats and non-traditional botanicals like venus flytraps and thistle. A gothic friendly light shade of floral essentially and I'm smitten. I love my bedding to really reflect my personality, and Sin In Linen helps me express that 100%.

This piece comes with the queen quilt cover, and you can add extra pieces from the web store to complete and compliment the set such as pillow cases, sheets and other home accessories in the same print.

With this cover we also ordered the deep dark red fetish sheets which will pop up in another post in the next month! To complete this look, we added a few extra pops of colour, more pillows and a bright yellow blanket to add an extra bright element.

We also moved our jewelry cabinet mirror into the far corner as the woods match so well. I'm on the hunt now for an occasional chair to pop into this corner and take over the mirrors place.

Now for absolute comfort I've also taken this awesome opportunity to lounge around in my newest obsession - My Cup Runneth Over. There is nothing I adore more than super comfortable pieces you can lounge in but when they also offer amazing support for big busts - I'm sold!

I'll be doing a separate write up and full review next week about these pieces so be sure to check back. I'm wearing the Chill Out Wide leg Black Pants with the Siren Long Sleeve Black Top, and I'll be showing these and two other pieces fully in another post. The only thing I can tell you in advance is that I may well just live in this outfit now! We are head over heels in love with our new room and can't get enough of each and ever little detail.

I can't wait to save up and add more new pieces from B2C Furniture into our home. I feel like we have started a life long love affair with their products and our home will look amazing.

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