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Sunday, March 15, 2020

Essentially Blackmilk

When it comes to comfort the effortless slip in and out of styling of BlackMilk Clothing is a must for day to day life. The comfort level, sleek design and those essential BlackMilk design features make these pieces a must have for your collection.


I don't know how I've lasted through the years without the this style of high necked skater in my world in every possible print and colour option.

The perfect length in skirt and sleeve, perfectly figure hugging and complete with hidden pockets these evil little skater dresses are the perfect go to when you want to wear a classic black skater.

The Warm Black style is a classically stylish piece that can be layered with ease and looks absolutely deelish when paired with a bold belt and leather jacket. This piece is lined with polar fleece so it's perfect for cooler weather. The lining of this piece really does keep you cozy!

My first dip into higher BM necklines was for my brains dress and I love the way my bust to waist ratio works with this style. The comfort level on this dress is absolutely outstanding and I can easily wear them all day.


Obviously I love this style so much I needed it in the Constellations Velvet version. A dark blue shiny velvet printed with silver outlines of each constellation. The same amazing fit but with a beautiful and almost magical print.

As the weather cooled last night I actually wore this piece out and loved how much it showed off my curves!

This the fabric on this piece is lush and so soft to the touch. I'm wearing both of these in an XL and the fit is perfect. These pieces are also super easy to pack and wear without the need to iron so they are the perfect dress for travel.

Now this post was supposed to be about an upcoming trip abroad but given the travel restrictions my husband and I had to cancel our holiday plans. While 100% bummed about this I'll be taking the time to do even more photoshoots and create more reviews.

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