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Saturday, February 15, 2020

Bedroom Makeover - Inspiration

After many years of living with the worlds most boring and basic bedroom it's finally time to upgrade from bland to something that will suit both my husband's and my own personal style.

Right from the start I've had a very specific colour palette/scheme in mind. Rich warm browns, caramels paired with cool blues and crisp whites. I've searched online, made printrests and I've been saving all of those little bits and pieces of inspiration.

Since I was young I've had an obsession with interior design and creating the most perfect bedroom. Over the years my tastes have obviously changed but the inspiration and drive is forever in me.

I'm also the kind of person who plays The Sims only to create 100's of homes and never actually play the game. I could spend hours and hours pairing furniture paint and floor coverings and be 100% content.

So I'm super excited to get started on my own space and I can't wait to create the perfect room for my husband and I to relax in each and every day. I have to say my bedroom is my haven and it's the one place I need to feel completely content.

I've been searching, grabbing inspiration from interior design blogs, local furniture companies and some stunning textile designers. With my preferred palette in mind I'm on a mission to create my dream space.

Now over the next few weeks you'll be seeing just how I progress with my makeover and how ineffective and horrible my current room really is. From poorly designed furniture that has lasted less than 3 years to our bits and pieces shamble set up.

I'm absolutely sick of fast fashion and fast easily broken furniture. So in my search for classically created and real hardwood pieces I came across and amazing Australian based furniture company who ticked every box.

B2C Furniture have been creating a buzz due to their focus on creating hardwood furniture with sustainability in mind. So this past weekend we went to visit their Dandenong South based showroom to see their products up close and personal. While shopping online is brilliant I'm also wanting to feel, test and see up close each piece.

I can't wait to share every single aspect with you!

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