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Tuesday, April 16, 2019

Roses, spiders and lovebirds - oh my!

Earlier this week we packed the car full of clothing, shoes and a Liz (photographer) and headed to my favourite location to shoot and play.

With a varied collection of new Hell Bunny Stock I wanted to share the stunning new styles in the on the streets of Melbourne. From florals to unexpected colours, some things spooky and some that you'd never expect! This post is very photo filled and detailed so be sure to get your self a cuppa and settle in a little while.

For years I've been a huge fan of braces skirts but I've never been game enough to rock a Pini. I don't know if it's a throwback to my primary school years where I was wearing one paired with a blue skivvy each day, or if it's the chest to fabric ratio.

But as soon as Hell Bunny released the Dakota Pinafore Dress in their new denim range I gave in and ordered. All my fears were put to rest as soon as I tried this adorable denim number on as it's so figure flattering as the design works perfectly with your curves.

The skirt cinches in at the waist and then flares over the hips. The bib or front has just the right amount for fabric to sit perfectly on my torso and pair so cutely with tops of every shade and print. This is a funky grown up pinafore and I love it. I'm wearing the 2XL in HB's denim range and it's super stretchy so it will really mold to your curves and will be comfortable all day love.

From the release of the Black, Red and Pink versions of this cardigan last year I've been hunting high and low for one and luckily I snapped one up finally in green. For spider or web styles I usually stick with the classic black and white but as a redhead I could not say no to this stunning emerald shade of green.


The fabric amazing and the details - perfection! Super soft, stretchy and really a joy to wear but I strongly advise you to size down. I'm wearing the 2XL and I'm usually an XL in knitwear. The stretch and fabric mean you can easily size down and I found the arms to be super long in the 2XL.

The bright emerald shade really pairs perfectly with my skin tone and I can't wait to style this all winter!


Next the dress that I broke my blog photoshoot rule for again and again! I try not to wear garments I've not shot for my blog yet just incase I rip or ruin the fabric as I'm a complete cluts. But after falling in love with the Strawberry Sunday dress last year I knew that I'd be 100% in love with the same style in a Love Bird print.

The Love Bird Mini is perfection! It's the kind of dress you feel amazing in as it really shows off your curves and flatters your shape. The gypsy/peasant style bust means it can accommodate any bust size and looks amazing if your rather busty like me. The sleeves can be worn up or down and when paired with a cardigan the look is even cuter.


I think some improvements have been made on this style as I've compared both this season. It seems to be a little less roomy under the bust (I could stretch my strawberry version out to fit another half a person) and the sleeves a little less puffy. The length is perfection as it's no a token 'Mini' it hits my knees and there are no issues like I'd usually have with a mini style. It's almost bordering on a Midi style. I'm wearing the 2XL and I just adore the fit and fabric.

The name of the dress gives you a giant hint to what the print might be as it's covered with kissing birds, polka dots and hearts. So sweet and so very cute! I'm so excited my favourite style has been released in this print and I can't wait to see what else Hell Bunny create in this shape for the future.


Evenora Dress -  £43.99

Now for something a little more gothic. Now this dress was one I loved initially but I had no idea how well it would work on me until the moment it arrived. A stunning flowing little witchy number that makes any hour glass shape POP!

Full of chiffon, ruffles and long flowing sleeves the Evenora Dress is a modern take on a very Stevie Nicks style look. With an off the shoulder sleeve design and two straps thick enough to hide any bra that you'll be pairing with it this dress is so comfortable, cute and effortless while still remaining stunning.

The fabric has limited stretch but in the 2XL it's fine and perfectly fitted. The light, flowing fabric is perfect for the warmer months and any summer gothic looks you are planning. I'd love to see this in a print or oxblood or dark green shade next season. 


Is it obvious that I've been watching the 2nd season of Sabrina with this look. I had do perfect this post and pair it with the Evenora Dress.


Violetta Dress -  £43.99

The dress that I would never usually purchase or even think could work on me that I just had to try - the Violetta! This style is absolutely stunning but I usually steer very clear of such bright shades or blue and purple.

But there was something about this dress that made me throw my rulebook out the window. The sweetheart neckline and contrasting straps and bows offset the stunning floral fabric and the fit is utterly amazing. Busty hour glass shapes usually have issues with swings but the bust to waist ratio in this style is absolutely dreamy. I'm wearing this in a 2XL and I'd stick with this size as it perfectly accommodates all my curves without hiding or covering up too much. I've paired this with Dangerfield mustard cardigan as I love this colour combination.

Abigail Rose Dress (stocked at Unique Vintage) - $110.00

Last but never least is the Abigail Rose Dress. A flirty 40's sleeve always makes me swoon so when I noticed the Abigail dress in the new arrivals I wanted to add it to my collection. There is nothing more flattering and comfortable for me than this style sleeve. It hides the part of my arm I dislike and gently flows over the shoulder. The perfect sleeve for hot summer days and paired with a equally as flowing swing skirt and cinched in waist.

The waist tie means you can adjust how much you'd like to cinch in that waist and can accommodate many sizes as it's soft and stretchy. The V neckline also offers the right amount of skin and really balances out my upper body when paired with the sleeves.

The deep blue and red roses of this floral print are a new floral to add to my collection and I'm now inspired to pair more shoes and accessories with each flower. This is the 2XL and the fit is brilliant. I just slip this over my head and I'm ready to rock. This piece can also be styled perfectly for winter when paired with a cardigan, stockings and boots.

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