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Sunday, December 16, 2018

The Jackalope!

The last release from Erstwilder in 2019 is an absolutely stunning selection of Myths and Legends pieces. A magical collection featuring all of those iconic creatures that we all know and love. From unicorns to nessy, fairies and more.
Stagbunny Brooch - $39.95 
My all-time favourite mythical creature was included, so I could not help setting up a little shoot featuring this super sweet Stag Bunny. For the last 10 years of so I've been absolutely in love with the creation of the Jackalope. The fluffy bunny features paired with sweet little antlers makes me swoon.

Many moons ago when I was working in an art gallery I purchased a little fax stag bunny mount and ever since that moment I've fallen head over heels for all prints, artwork and accessories featuring this little creature.

What I love about this piece is the just how realistic the resin is as a fur pattern. It's whispy and so soft looking for a solid piece. The mixture of white, pink and grey makes this little one easily paired with a variety of colours and prints so your styling possibilities are endless.
So obviously when my favourite brooch makers created this little prankster, he had to be mine. Legends say that Jackalopes can speak English and use their skills to play some cheeky pranks so if you'd like a giggle be sure to read all about them via this link.

 You can pick up this fluffy cutie and more mythical legends via Erstwilder's webstore right now! So be sure to snap up this and many more pieces for last minute Christmas gifts.

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