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Sunday, November 18, 2018

Lace Flamenco

This weekend we snuck into the woods with a back packed full of lace robes, corset and stunning Ewa Michalak lingerie.

If there is one brand I rely on daily and always buy each and every time I need any form of new lingerie is has to be Ewa Michalak. I've honestly never had anything fit me as well as each and every style from their ranges.

For this shoot I wanted to show off three stunning styles that will cover you for all your bra needs. From basic black with a feline twist to a rich red and black lace burlesque inspired number. Then an amazing nude and black lace style that will blow your socks off.

 Underbust Plaid Green/Blue - Sold out but others can be found here
The Bibi Flamenco is an absolutely stunning piece and one every girl needs in here collection. The intricate black lace over a bight rich red stable knitwear makes this piece pop, much like the styling of a flamenco dancer.

This style is unpadded with fully adjustable straps and red zigzag stitching and the addition of red hooks makes this piece perfectly coordinated. What I love most about this and all Ewa branded bras is that amazing full rounded shape they create. They make your chest look amazing when wearing low cut tops or super high necked numbers. To top off this delicious red and black lace number, a bejeweled charm is attached to the centre. This Bibi Style was actually shown earlier this year all white from another shoot so be sure to check out that review if you have the time.
I love these little features as they add that personal touch and really complete the look. I wearing this and all styles shown in this blog review in a 85HH and it's my go to size in both padded and unpadded styles now. The matching briefs are a size 16 and the fit is firm but really comfortable on my rather wide hips.


Now to really make my curves pop I've paired this set with my amazing Orchard Corset plaid underbust. I've wanted this version for years now and when they last restocked I was lucky enough to snap one up. Whenever OC creates a limited edition print or fabric within their range you MUST be sure to get your hands on one and make it your own. They are so easy to style be it under or over clothing and look amazing on all shapes and sizes.

I love how the bright red pops when paired with the plaid and the amazing shape it creates. I'm wearing this style in a size 30 waist at the moment and this is my new corset size. I've been anything from a 26 to 30 over the years, but I'm finding the 30 to be the most comfortable for the moment.

Now for something in classic black without any padding! I feel in love with the everyday comfort of my white Bibi style in my last reviews so the next obvious purchase had to be the SF Kicia. This piece has been sneaking into many of my reviews over the last month, and it's now my go to black bra. Those thick traps really hold most of your bust weight and make for comfortable all day wear.

Featuring a mixture of lace and solid sections of fabric, this style is so unbelievably comfortable while still being super sexy. What I love most about this piece has to be the little feline features, yes you read that right this bra is for all the classy cat ladies out there. Both the bra and thong bottoms feature a silver stretching position kitty and it's too adorable for words.

The ruffled thong paired with this bra has heaps of stretch in the size 16. I can wear these on my hip without any issues which is brilliant. I've usually been a high waisted or brief style when it comes to purchasing matching underwear but I'm loving all of these styles. 

Paired with the amazing plaid underbust style as classic black lace styles work perfectly with a coloured check print.

Finally the SMN Buduar which was on my lust list from the moment I saw it being shot! Ewa Michalak creates some of the most amazing nude styles mixed with lace and harness features. They create illusions, shapes and really stand out.

A nude tulle base with black trims, stiches and lace which can be worn in multiple ways. Cross the straps over at your neck for a bold harness effect or wear slightly halter or just straight up! These are all fully adjustable so that extra level of comfort can be obtained. You also have the option of added detachable straps/sliders to create that rounded cage affect over the breast. The styling possibilities make this bra 3 styles for the price of one.

For the brief I chose the is the standard brief featuring a soft matching nude tulle, and a lace embellishment. To pair with the stap them there are two sliders/straps on the hip of these briefs that are designed to hit you and the small of your waist. All straps are created to pair perfectly with the matching bra and can be connected via the bottom of the bra.

'm wearing these in a size 18 and the size up is a great option as my fluffy hips need a little extra room in strapped styles. The simple black lines and connection of straps at the back of these briefs also give your toosh a really round shape which rocks.

For the corset styling I was going to mix it up on this shoot and include a solid black style but I wanted to show just how well this plaid mixes with all shades.

Many thanks to my amazing husband for capturing these image for me!

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