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Friday, November 23, 2018

Buttress and Snatch

For many moons I've been dreaming of stunningly hand crafted burlesque inspired lingerie for ample curves and large cup sizes. With amazing fabrics, themes and creations all made to make the most of our curves while still giving us larger busted girls the support and shape we need.

The answer to these prayers is Buttress and Snatch. A UK based lingerie designer whose passion for making women feel and look amazing has taken over the pinup/retro world.

Each piece is lovingly crafted by hand and made from luxury materials. From stunning lace creations with all the bells and whistles for weddings, burlesque shows, pinup shoots and more. Or your more subtle but always super sexy and cute creations you will be drooling over each piece they create. My first ever set from B and S was actually the first bra I ever saw of theirs and the one that made my heart skip a beat.

Say hello to Mini! The sweetest, sexiest polka dot lingerie on earth. A retro style lingerie set created with the magic hands of Buttress and Snatch. Inspired by the iconic styling of Minnie Mouse this polka dot, dotted lace and scalloped edged set is bold, sweet as sugar and absolutely iconic.

Size wise I'm wearing a 34J and the high waisted briefs in a size 18 the fit is perfection. The firmness of the bra is a little tight at first but the fabric is much firmer than my overtly stretchy bras. With a little wear it does mold perfectly, though. Cup wise I'm fill this out perfectly and it actually sit's flat and properly without a corset. The corset pushes the twins up, so they tend to pop out!

What I love most about this style other than the fit has to be the thick straps, scalloped edging with black dot and border accents and bows. It's that attention to detail that make Buttress and Snatch such an amazing brand.

The briefs are an adorable mixture of the red and white polka dot print paired with sheer black dotted lace and the same matching accents. These hit just at my belly button and work as a great form of shapewear while still looking super cute. I've also paired this look with my trusty Secrets and Lace babydoll sheer night robe and I love how the fabrics work together.

But after this first set I obviously need to start a collection and create more photos shoots! Maybe a little bit more over the top and burlesque styled photo shoots with some of their more ornate and couture pieces.

Underbust Cotton Corset w/ Snaps - $72.00

For this amazing strappy design, I paired the set with the 'Snaps' corset which is a military inspired under bust in the CS-345 style. While I usually wear CS-426 in all colours, I could not go past the silver snap front of this corset. The CS-345 corset offers great versatility. It rides higher in the back to help avoid back bulge, but is short enough in the front to fit many body types, from a slim athletic build to the more curvy. If you have a torso length of 9″ or more, this corset should fit.

I have a very wide hip area, but I still make this style work perfectly with a focus on lacing to suit my curves not hide them. The soft cotton is a really nice touch as well, and it's a great summer corset. I find the longer line styles more flattering to my belly area but I really do adore this look. 


It can't be a Minnie them without my beloved Disneyland mouse ears!

You can find this amazing set and more via the web store. Just look at these curvy models wearing some absolutely stunning pieces. 

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