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Sunday, August 19, 2018

Safari Chic

Erstwilder's latest release takes us to the deserts, tropical rain forests and vast savannas of Africa. The stunning Out Of Africa range features some of your absolute favourite African animals created in brooch, earring and necklace form.

This collection has created some of my absolute favourite brooches to date as they've created some of the cutest little critters.


When I first saw the Out of Africa range, I gravitated to so many different animals but after growing up on films such as The Lion King  a Warthog was top of my list.

This adorable young warthog reminds me of Pummba, and I'll be signing Hakuna Matata whenever I wear him as the creators of this brooch state - he's renowned for such a philosophy.

Again Erstwilder are rocking those adorable long lashes and look at that snout! It's so cute you just want to tickle it!


Zebra stripes have been a part of my wardrobe for many years so it's only logical that I also need a Zesty Zebra to add to my stripped collection.

What I love most about this piece is the unique design. For zebras or horses the mane is usually 100% attached to the head and sometimes gets rather lost in the resin or design. But the spare space between the two in this brooch really makes it pop.

Now I've paired these with a bold leopard print but when you wear this piece with solid colours it's even bolder and stronger.


I'm forever as sucker for a fox brooch and the Fennec Fox is one of my absolute most loved animals on earth. Those huge ears, soft pale fur and sweet little peepers make me swoon and I've always loved this little creature.

The little upside down heart feature around the nose and mouth is a super sweet feature and just look at those whiskers.

Erstwilder have created the perfect version of the Fennec Fox with Finnicky and I'll be wearing this piece non stop.


Plus for the entire month of August they will be donating $2 from the sale of every design within to the African Wildlife Foundation! Reasons like these plus many more are why I absolutely adore the team at Erstwilder HQ.

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