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Sunday, August 12, 2018

Bravo Brava

I'm forever getting questions about the best bra's for larger cup sizes and even when I'm fully clothed people just need to know what gives me the best shape. My absolute favourite place to shop up a storm for all of my bras is Brava! They are Australia's larger cup specialists and I've been a loyal lover of their online website and stores for many years.

For this shoot/review I've gone for 3 completely different styles as my cup size has changed. I'll be covering a strapless, a white every day style and a super sexy sheer black number. Featuring my absolute favoruite - Ewa Michalak and a new brand for me - Goddess! All styles are paired with a selection of robes and my beloved Underbust Black Leather Longline Corset from Orchard Corsety.

Two of these styles were purchased in store with the help of the Highpoint Brava fitting specialists and one was ordered via the website. The results are a great fit for all of these speficic bras but each is a different size. It's all about fit and with the difference in cups, support and fabric a different cup or back is needed.


When I was fitted recently I was given a variety of prints, colours and styles but I really did not take notice of the Bibi BM bra at first. I've never purchased a white bra so I though I'd try it on but who knows if it will work for me. Well from the moment I slipped into this lacey white number I was sold. I popped my head out of the change room and flashed the girls saying 'yep this is the ONE' as the Bibi is a silky form of perfection.

I'm wearing a size 16J and the fit is larger in the cup (I'm a HH usually) Because there is no padding or molding on the cup. This however does not stop it from giving me that iconic Ewa Michalak Fit. I've been so use to padded cups so I've never really tried a stretch less molded shape until now and I'm officially a convert.

This has to be one of the most amazingly comfortable bra's in my collection. The white stretch fabric and lace perfectly holds me while the thick strap holds me in and pulls me up.  I feel like I'm super late to the Bibi BM party so I'll be needing to make up for lost time and order more colours and prints!


I actually went in to the store looking to purchase a nude Curvy Kate strapless bra but it seems my size was sold out so I tried a few other strapless styles and feel in love with the retro almost bullet bra look of the Adelaide Strapless Bra in black.

It's always daunting to shop for a strapless style when your large chested as you think everything will roll down, not support well or just look horrible. But From the moment I put the Goddess Adelaide on I knew it had to be mine. The larger cup may not sit flat between my bust but the lift, shape and very retro feel of this piece made me want it for both strapless looks and lingerie shoots.

I usually would go for the tried and tested (and reviewed personally) Curvy Kate Luxe style but I really love this style visually as a fashion bra. I'm wearing the 16H and it's amazingly comfortable for a strapless plus with or without straps the style really rocks visually.

Now the firs two styles shown in this post were snapped up in store but this amazing piece was an instant online purchase as I was terribly impatient and wanted to get it before it sold out!

My love for Ewa bra's is very strong and they are taking over my collection because they look and feel amazing.  The Fetysz Czarny SMN bra is a very unique cage bra style. A new twist on the cage theme with a sheer tulle base and adjustable round straps around the breast.

These simple yet bold little straps create amazing shape and contrast and when worn correctly make that iconic Ewa Michalak round shape we all lust after.  I've noticed some uploaded images on social media have the straps worn incorrectly so be sure to check here or the product shots for the right way.

I ordered my most comfortable and correct size 16HH as the sheer fabric would not hide anything if it was not fitted correctly and the fit is PERFECTION!

I'm absolutely in love with this very sexy and strong style and I can't stop wearing it! It's great for the bedroom or as a fashion style popping out of lower necklines or under sheer blouses
With some fun pasties to hide the headlights ;)

One other brilliant feature of this bra is the strap lock. An invention I’ve never seen before where you can adjust your straps to the perfect place and lock them in – they don’t move!!!! Such a brilliant concept. So if you are in need of a new bra wardrobe update I can and will always recommend Brava for all of your lifting needs. Be it instore or online the friendly staff are able to help you get the right fit.

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