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Tuesday, August 14, 2018

Herbs & Heart Review and Giveaway!

Chilly Melbourne winters do absolutely nothing for my skin. For these cooler months, my skin battles sickness and the day in day out heating of an office environment. The end result - dry, patchy and really drained skin.


So with all of these issues it seems like the perfect time to test some amazing products and help one of you my readers regain that stunning glowing skin!

Now this is not some try it once and stop using the product review. I've taken the time, trailed this set over a month and by using it each and every day I've definitely noticed some improvements. A vegan-friendly skincare company, HERBS + HEART, realise the raw benefits of green ingredients and have formulated these amazing products regiments using natural and ethically sourced green foods to feed and nourish the face.


Herbs and Hearts Primal Instincts Deluxe Set   - $120.00
Plus my extras shown above
If you want the best value and some truly life changing products the Primal Instincts set is for you.  This all-inclusive set features the ‘H+H Face Mud’, ‘H+H Skin Tonic’, your choice of Hydration System, and ‘H+H Elixir.’

As stated on the product page each piece included in this set has a mission and when used daily create that glowing skin we all adore. Packaged perfectly with great easy to read packaging - I used these straight out of the box due to the helpfulness of the stickers.

What do H+H promise?
Use 'H+H Face Mud' for deep cleansing with gentle exfoliation that sloughs away grime and dead skin cells, revealing polished, fresh skin ready to absorb nutrients of a toner and moisturiser.
A toner is essential to deliver rapid hydration and essential nutrients, the actives of our 'H+H Skin Tonic' locking in moisture with skin brightening actives.

Protect the skin barrier against harsh environmental factors with the aid of a high performance moisturiser, choosing a hydration system that suits your preference. Our moisturisers last 24 hours, ensuring well hydrated skin all day long.

For an extra boost for days when you need a bit extra pampering, or for the perfect under make up base, finish of with our 'H+H Elixir', a potent serum with light refracting gold particles to give you a youthful glow naturally.

Do they deliver the goods?

Very much so. When you use each and every piece as recommended your face will instantly be more supple and hydrated. I used the 'H+H Skin Tonic', 'H+H Aloe Whip' and the 'H+H Two Drops' daily for a month. The tonic is a clean and stunning toner that is the perfect base without over drying and the Aloe Whip as a daily moisturizer. For the end of the day routine I used the Two Drops Anti-aging which are rich in Vitamin C, E, & A. It also comprises of numerous essential fatty acids, including the perfect balance of Omega 3, 6 & 9. They work their magic over night and you wake feeling really lovely. These 3 items alone made my skin shine in the best way but all the other goodies have their own place in my routine. This piece is a solo item an not included in the Deluxe set but I added tis to my order as my over 30 skin needs a little more help.

The 'H+H Face Mud' is a great daily exfoliator or mask and I used this every second day to exfoliate dead skin or left it on for 5 minutes get a fully fresh feel.

My stand out favourite item from this set has to the Elixir. This super strong serum gives you an instant boost on your most drained and bad skin days. What else does this little bottle of magic do? The enzymes of the Green Coffee bean are loaded with anti-oxidants to fight free radicals, soothing puffy eyes and reducing the appearance of under eye dark circles. Plus the amazing jasmine fragrance makes me swoon and my husband absolutely loves when I wear this. The matte finish also gives you a great base under and makeup primer.

With this set and the extra Two Drops I also added the brilliant Bath Bliss - Floral Milk Bath Soak! Right now I'm all about bath milk, balls or soaks. The brief luxury of such a product nourishes my skin on a cold winters evening and makes my skin feel amazing. I've got a fairly boring small bath, so I could not show you the stunning visual that this product creates but when you see this you'll want to dive straight in. There is something so magical about floral milk baths, the stunning sent, floating petals and that smooth and soft skin feeling make you feel amazing.

Now let's get to the bit you've all been waiting for! The amazing crew at Herbs and Heart have given me a full Primal Deluxe set to give to one of you my awesome readers!!! Yes you read that correctly you get the whole set!

You will receive a big box of amazing goodies featuring full sizes of :

Face Mud
Aloe Whip
Skin Tonic
How do you win this brilliant skin rescuing set? Well it's super simple. For this contest you will need a to be signed up to Instagram to enter this giveaway.

Rules :
  • Like HERBS + HEART (@herbsnheart)   Instagram page in order to be eligible - we will checking!
  • Like my page @teerwayde
  • Find the the image above for the Giveaway on my account and repost tagging @herbsnheart @teerwayde with the hashtag #curvestokillherbsnheartgivaway
  • The giveaway will start at 9am EST on the 15th of August and will close at 11pm EST on the 22nd of August
  • You can only enter once

Good luck and I can't wait to see how many of you enter!

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