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Wednesday, August 1, 2018

Jubly Speaks the Truth!

It's clear that I have a few fashion addictions. From motos to berets, baseball raglans to enamel pins. I find it rare that I can tick off two of my most lusted after items via one shop but my loves at Jubly Umph are currently rocking my socks off with lots of new pins and their new raglan tops!

Adulting Lapel Pin - $16.95 AUD

If I've ever needed, a pep up all I have to do is add a Jubly pin to my lapel as they remind me to basically go out there and kick butt! This collection really speaks to me giving us awards for doing the things that get us through each and every day.

The big, bold and blue Adulting pin is a must for every day wear and lives perminitely on my go to moto. Keeping it together and staying badass must be worn as a pair on those day's when you need that extra kick of awesomeness.

These pins are a really great size, and the glitter really makes them pop, created to look like the awards we received and loved as a child. You're never too old you wear some brilliant badass pins daily.

Saucy Lapel Pin - $16.95

Now I can't go past the whole pin section at Jubly Umph and for this shoot I wanted to show off two that I've been lusting after and finally have. These little pieces rock my world and I just love the very cute yet cheeky vibes they give off be it an insult or a description of myself. The lastly a super sweet motto to live your life by - kindness is easy.

Now you can wear these pieces on their own or grouped as I love to do. I cover the lapels of my motos with bright, funky and cheeky pins and I can't wait to see what more Jubly Umph have in store for us in the future! For this shoot I actually popped them on my new raglans and I'm loving the look.

Don't Be A Prick Raglan - 3/4 Sleeve T-Shirt - $47.95 AUD
Fuck Off Raglan - 3/4 Sleeve T-Shirt - $47.95 AUD

I may have lost count of the amount of raglans I own but I absolutely cherish and adore each. So when Jubly Umph released their most beloved images on my go to style tee I had to snap up 2.


Now fit wise I've learnt what size fit's best in most brands of printable tees. After many years of collecting band tees and different styles all I needed to do was check the label and try on another version from my collection. I opted for a size large for all 3 pieces as I love the fit of all of my tops from this standard raglans in this printer loved brand.

The large fit is super long and I love the fit on my bust and waist. My husband also wears the size large and now we can swap styles! These are unisex tees so if you are a band tee and raglan collector like myself you can go with the size you usually wear.

They have a mixture of colour choices so I chose one basic black white and one reverse black and white. With this baseball raglan there are prints in the pocket/logo style and some like their Stay Weird logo or any of their larger scale images.

I can't get enough of these tops and I'll be collecting all of them over time!

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