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Wednesday, November 22, 2017


I'm stuck somewhere in between a pinup, punk and goth on a weekly if not daily basis. My daily uniform may be all back with a bright red lip, leather jackets and boots but then give me a little sunlight or a super chilly winter and I'll be covered in floral prints or rugged up in a vintage style faux fur coat complete with gloves and accessories.

So I've picked my stand out favourites from the latest Hell Bunny catalogue. While I'm sliding through spring into summer down here, on the other side of the pond it's getting chilly and all my favourite styles are being released. So join me as I dream about snowy English countryside locations instead of melty Aussie summers.

There are a few themes in this post, a whole lotta photos and some stunning pieces so stay with me!

Snowy Mini Dress - $133.99
Be it Christmas or Halloween the Snowy Mini is and adorable Wednesday Adams style mini dress that you will live in. The same classic pattern as the Kiss Me Deadly and Hermeline Dress his winter version is made from a super stretchy, glittery faux velvet. So stretchy that I urge you to size down as I got the 2XL and it's a very large fit at the arms and so roomy under the bust. I'll be parting with this ASAP in order to get the XL.

But lets ignore that and focus on just how adorable this mini is. The right length so you show a little knee but it's not too short. the adorable snowflake embroidered peter pan collar and the flattering cut. Usually minis can be odd on me but I've found this style really compliments my figure.

I'm so enamoured with this fabric. Just look at that sparkle and shimmer, we very rarely get such stunning fabrics in our winter wardrobes.


Snowstar Skirt - $125.99
Sticking with a snow theme I had to snap up the stunning snowstar cardigan and skirt combination. There is something so magical about both fabrics and how they have incorporated the snowflake effect into each piece. A shimmering sparkled night sky has been turned into two amazing separates that are stunning on their own and together create a magical look. There is also an amazing Snowstar Skirt in this collection as well.
The skirt made from embroidered tulle is light and twirls like a dream. I'm wearing the 2XL and the fit like so many of the 50's swing style skirts is perfect for me. The solid black waistline really defines your shape and the silver snowflakes are just perfect. I've never been brave enough to try tulle skirt but this won me over instantly.

The Snowstar Cardigan is equally as stunning but for this style they have focused on snowflake embroidery on only the front two panels and a variation of sizes. This makes for a more complimentary look when worn together. The choice of super shiny black buttons also pair perfectly with the waistband and embroidery. I'm wearing this style in an XL as I do with all Hell Bunny knits and the fit is fantastic.
Sherwood Coat - $297.99
If you see me wearing any other coat in winter other that a moto you should assume and you will be correct in you assumptions that it will be a Hell Bunny Coat. My love affair with there stunning outerwear started years ago and each season I add another stunning piece to my collection. 

The specs :
•Fully lined hooded coat with contrasting flocking.
•Pockets in self fabric with contrasting flocking.
•Flocking is of acorns, pine leaves and cones.
•Hood in self fabric trimmed in faux fur.
•Faux fur trims on the cuffs.
•Centre back seam.
•Self fabric tab at the back with 2 self fabric covered buttons at each end.
•5 buttons covered in self fabric in the centre front.
•Available in several teal and red.
From the mixture of teal and black to the super soft fur and matching embroidery this coat is the magical woodland style of my dreams. I'm wearing a 2XL and the fit is superb with a figure flattering firmness and very little give or stretch. I tend to wear styles like this open during the cooler months but I can button this up without any issues.

It was a hard decision choosing between black and teal or red and black but I think with my hair the teal pairs perfectly.  I must admit I'm a little bitter it's already spring here and too hot as I want to live in this faux fur number.

At the end of this shoot my assistant (poor husband) rocked this coat in his own mini photo shoot and our amazing photographer Damien Bowerman whipped up a little snow edit for us!

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