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Wednesday, November 22, 2017


Spring has sprung and while there are already Christmas decorations out on the shelves I'm full swing into my favourite spooky month. Even though Halloween is done for another year, I need to be showing off my absolute favourite horrortastic brands and styles and today I'm featuring one of my absolute loves - Kreepsville 666!

I've been in love with this brand for many years due to their in your face ,bold and psychobilly/horror styling. They always seem to create the most adorable items and feature some of my most loved horror icons and films.

So when the most adorable spider themed dress on planet earth was released I just knew it had to be featured on the blog alongside some perfectly paired accessories.

This skater dress print design is pure genius! With a solid black top flowing into a bold white web printed skater skirt this dress flatters my shape perfectly focusing on strongest assets - my waist and bust. An adorable skull spider is also printed on the left hand side of the bust line and this is perfect for me as I wear brooches in that exact spot constantly - a built in bonus!

When I viewed the size chart I was a little worried about my bust fitting into anything but given the stretchy cotton fabrics used on all of these designs I knew that I had lots of comfortable room to work with and opted for the XXL. The fit is spot on and I love how firmly this cotton fits while molding to my curves. The 3/4 sleeve also flatters my shape perfectly and I just love the neckline. It shows a little and really molds around my bust perfectly without flattening or pushing the twins out of shape. This style is also available in red and black from sizes Small to 3XL

Accessory wise I did not have to search very far as the perfect pieces were online with this adorable frock. A black Dia Spider diamante necklace the perfect statement piece for October and skull buckled waist belt. This piece is absolutely magic on closer inspection and I've already created some amazing portraits with it for future reviews. The skull spider is my new favourite visually and I'll be snapping up a clear version of this in both the brooch and necklace asap.

This stunning belt is part of a brand spanking new collection of stretchy waist belts! Featuring skulls, bats and spiders! Once you one of these bad boys you'll have to get them all. I'm loving the fit, thickness and how bold the silver skull is. I also have this belt in the bright purple shade and will be featuring that in another post very soon. This piece is going to get so much wear so be sure to look out for it in future shoots. Size wise I'm wearing the L/XL and it's great on my waistline with an almost corset fit. If you ever need to check out my measurements they are listed in the top right corner of the blog.

These have just hit the webstore and you can pick up the following colours and buckle options here.

Next on my lust list :

I think it's clear that I need to take myself straight back to Kreepsville 666 and have a mini shopping spree.
Many thanks to the brilliant Liz B for shooting this look and for working with me on so many brilliant Halloween themed shoots. 

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