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Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Oh Lisa

From the moment I locked eyes on Lisa I knew I needed her. That sounds like the start of a romance novel, not a review, but the truth is I'm smitten with the Lisa Cap Dress from Voodoo Vixen.

Lisa Cape Dress - £50.00

Capes tend to make me swoon on their own but when incorporated into a stunning cocktail dress then I must have it. The Lisa dress is stunning in a deep burgundy silky fabric is my new go to dress for the hot summer nights ahead. Figure flattering with a fitted bust, flowing skirt plus the stunning cape and open back. The fabric drapes beautifully and feels so light and breezy so it's going to be amazing once summer really hits.

Size wise I ordered an XXL as I've had issues with my bust fitting into most Voodoo Vixen non-stretch XL lately and I'm so happy with the fit. The extended size means there is no boob squishing and the sweetheart neckline really flatters a larger bust. There is little to no stretch in this garment but the fit is so perfect and free flowing so you don't need it.
It's all about fit with Voodoo Vixen and I usually wear XL's in the most stretchy filled fabrics but this style would not fit and flow as it does if it was not for the stunning fabric choice. The cape covers your upper arms while draping ever so softly creating a bold and magical silhouette.

The rich blood red colour pairs perfectly with my skin tone and the Lisa is also available in  Mariah  Emerald Green which is a next on my lust list and any future colour ways. I'd love to see a navy or black version and maybe even a floral print.

Voodoo Vixen always slay me with their creations and I can't wait to see and try next seasons styles and any new additions to the plus 1XL selections.

Many Thanks to Damien Bowerman for capturing this dress perfectly.

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