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Sunday, November 19, 2017

Roses and Plaid

With each season release I swear I fall more and more in love with Collectif. Maybe it's the UK autumn/winter vibes I crush on or the prints but I fall harder and harder with every new addition to my wardrobe. This year brings us rich fabrics, amazing plaids and a little floral.

A shirt dress with a twist, the Aria Rose dress is a must have button up swing style. I've never been able to get a great fit from button up dresses so even though I adored the Aria I was hesitant to order it. But when I wiggled my way into the 18 it had such a firm fit (and a whole lotta cleavage) and it completely won me over.

Usually shirt dresses are super light weight but this style is a stretchy yet firm cotton fabric with all the detailing you've come to know and love from Collectif.

The roses give you that Western shirt vibe which I absolutely adore and the fitted waist, 3/4 length sleeve full skirt make your curves pop in the best way possible.

Now I can wear this dress with or without a bra; it's all a matter of personal taste and where you are wearing it. Sadly my chest is too large to button this all the way up but I actually like the amount of skin showing. You can wear this item all year round as it pairs perfectly with heels in the summer or tights, a beret and boots in the winter. While it's a super firm fit it will give with wear as the fabric has little stretch to it.

While I love all plaids I don't think I own any in green so this wardrobe issue had to be sorted asap. The Jasmine Evergreen Check is the skirt I will wear weekly in winter and looks brilliant when paired with a variety of tops. The fabric falls beautifully due to the pleats at the waist which nips you in at the smallest part of your waist. I'm wearing the 18 and I find this size perfect for my 36 inch waist.

Styling wise I wanted to rock this bold green plaid print with something a little cheeky to pair with print. I've opted for my favourite and super rude Sourpuss Cardigan with the cheeky Go F Yourself heart embroidery. I'm wearing this in an XL and the fit is just perfect as per usual.

Now I try not to mix up too many labels in one post but there was something so cheeky about this combo and I love teal and pink paired together.

Many moons back I reviewed a suspendered bright yellow plaid swing skirt and I've literally worn it to death. Be it work or play I've pair that skirt with every possibly top option and it's rocked my world. So when two new plaid colourways were released this season I snapped the warm version. A black plaid with just a hint of orange peeking through.

As I've always loved the fit of my yellow skirt in a 16 I did not size up and the fit is still perfection. This is the kind of winter skirt you will want to by every possible version of a make it your uniform. The knit has a little stretch and is soft to the touch. The waist line and braces buttons are fully functioning so you can cross over the braces for a more secure fit and they have two button holes just to add or take away a little length.

A grey, black and white version is also up for sale right now so if you are loving the shape I highly recommend you purchase both. You won't regret it!

I paired this with my Vixen by Micheline Pitt Powderpuff Top in black worn off shoulder. I'm getting real Heathers vibes from this outfit and I'm loving it.