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Monday, October 23, 2017

Little Shop of Horrors

Oh Kaiju Candy you have rocked my socks off  once again with your horror movie themed brilliance! This time Donna - the best brooch maker on planet earth - has created a range based around one of the most iconic Horror/Musicals of all time - Little Shop of Horrors!  Ever since I was little this film has been one of my absolute favorites and the remake cast will always have a soft spot in my heart. 

This range was so red hot it sold out instantly but I was lucky enough to get my hands on every single piece and I'll be holding on to these babies forever and ever. Fingers crossed there will be another release in the future. So let me flood you will all this kitschy horror goodness!

First we start with the spot that started the story - Mushniks Flower shop. An adorable and super big brooch with the cutest little shop front featuring Audrey II. What I love most about this brooch other than the fact it's adorable is the brickwork print. 

Kaiju Candy has perfected every single aspect of this range and it's the choice of iconic images and attention to detail that makes you want every single piece ever released.
Over the weekend you may have seen my post about my amazing Fancy Fruits Audrey II hair flower and I promised it would pop up once again very soon. It was a must to include both this flower and the Vixen leopard dress so I could put my spin on the look of Audrey's character. She was wearing such a similar style leopard wiggle in the film and luckily for me I had this frock in my collection.

The hair flower is my latest obsession though as I've always worn bright and cute styles but never had I had a chance to wear something so brilliantly constructed and horror themed!! Fancy Fruits created so many Audrey II pieces such as sculptures and accessories and they have recently created a smaller version of Audrey II if this style is too large for you. But their designs are not limited to only Little Shop of Horror goodies; you can find tiki, cats, sugar skulls, shrunken heads and creature goodies via their online ETSY sore.

What I love most about this range is that there are multiple versions of Audrey with different looks. So you can mix and match all the pieces and create cute combos like I've done here. Incase people are a little confused about who this Mean Green Mother is the sign will help and point them in the right direction.

This was the first release of the Mean Green Mother with the sparkled rainbow legs but there was also a bright red legged version which I'm so grumpy I did not snap up.


These two brooches are so bold and cute and look amazing on everything from a leopard print dress to a tank, tee or even a moto jacket.   

One of the most iconic visuals when it comes to Audrey II is the Maxwell House coffee that was the first 'pop' for this adorable (when it was little) man eating plant. This is simply adorable and you will have to wear a different brooch every day a it's impossible to choose just one.

What an absolute cutie looking so sweet and innocent. This will be a main feature on my horror moto very soon as it's the smaller pin of the set and will really pop on black leather.  

I'm also blown away to find out how well green and blue rock with the Vixen leopard print. This will make shoes and accessory matching so much more fun!

I always seem to have a soft spot for the bad guys in films and Orin Scrivello made me swoon from a young age. Steve Martin with jet black Elvis style hair and a motorbike - oh my lordy!

So obviously I had to get my mitts on all of the 'You'll Be A Dentist' styles in this set. Big, bright sparkling teeth that really pop. That gold sparkle mixed with the pearly white of the teeth is utterly amazing and I love wearing these as a set. 

It's all in those little details and Kaiju Candy ads the perfect amount of sparkle on half of this range. I honestly love wearing teeth as accessories so this is so very me.

Lastly the Ronette's Bow Brooch inspired by dresses and hair bow worn by the Ronette's in the film. I've always lusted after that bright blue and black polka dot fabric and now I have my own little piece to wear constantly.

Every single piece in this collection has been amazingly designed and constructed with so much attention to detail and putting their own swing on each and every character or piece. I can't wait to see what KC has next in terms of film themed goodies.

Many Thanks to my partner in crime, my husband, for snapping these images of me and making these pieces pop!

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