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Sunday, October 22, 2017

Lindy Boo-Bop!

Lindy Bop are absolutely killing it this year with Halloween prints and I've been lusting after ever single pattern and shape.  From darn and spooky locations to super cute kitties and jack'o'lantern fabrics the choices are endless.

Heart of Haute Blue Sweet Sweater (sold out but click to find all other colours) - $42.00

So for this review I've picked my stand out favourite from the spooky Halloween collection and my must have lindy bop frock. If you don't already have these babies in your wardrobe then snap them up quick fast.

Being a redhead I'm a sucker for a green frock so when I discovered the Witch Doctor Swing I knew it must be mine. A swing dress with an adorable border print, fitted waist and a high neckline - perfect for this week at work as I count down to the 31st.

This is my first time trying the higher neckline items from Lindy Bop and at first I was worried about my GG's fitting into such a high neckline but in the 18 all of these fears were dismissed and I have extra room. This fits with ease and does not pull or strain over my chest like many higher necklines can.

The fit is very modest and great for office pinups. I'm actually that smitten with the shape and how flattering it is to my figure so I'll be snapping up any other versions of this dress, the Delta in the future. Oh and I nearly forgot to mention both dresses have pockets!! YAY!

Accessorizing is super easy with this dress as you can easily pick out a colour in the print and match your shoes and sweaters with it. While I'd usually got with black for both shoes and a cover up I wanted to add even more colour so I paired this look with my bright blue Sweet Sweater from Heart of Haute and I love the combo.

I honestly can't get enough of this and all of Lindy Bops prints. They are so cute and bright and I must collect them all!

'Corinna' Red Love Heart Print Swing Dress - Was: AU$60.00  Now on sale for AU$29.00

Now for my MUST HAVE dress from Lindy Bop - the Corinna. This is my second Corinna and I keep snapping this style up because it's pure magic. A full swing skirt, button up bust and a sweetheart neckline which is absolutely perfect for curves. With delicate little white ribbon features on the bust and pockets and the perfect fit due to the elastic back panel this dress is my go to in summer.  

I'm wearing an 18 and it's an amazing fit with a tiny amount of pull on the buttons. This is easily fixed with a little red thread and some hand sewing. I've actually sewn my Corinna up at the buttons as it's super stretchy and you don't need to undo them to get in and out of the dress.

The polka dot heart print is the cutest and I hope to see it released in black or other shades in the future.

If you are smaller chested and the same waist size as me you could even size down to a 16 with ease as that stretchy back panel really helps mold to your shape.

I opted to go full red for this look pairing the Corinna with a red Sweet Sweater and two velvet red roses from Miz Smitten Kitten. I think this may be my go to look for the summer you will definitely see me wearing this to death.

This review/shoot is going to play havoc on my wallet as I need to collect every possible print and fabric option in both dresses. I just searched on the website and found so many other fabrics so I'm set for the next three months!!

Many Thanks to the brilliant Liz from L12 Photography for capturing these amazing items and working with me on all things pinup and spooky this month.

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