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Tuesday, August 29, 2017


Have you ever discovered that dress that just rocks your world? That you plead and pray for multiple fabrics, colours and prints so you can wear nothing but that for the rest of your days? Well Dangerfield have made my frock dreams come true and I'm crazy for these two darling dresses!


Oh Patsy - How you have changed my life. I've been waiting and let's face it dying for a Dangerfield dress that has 3/4 length sleeves as I wear cardigans to cover up my upper arms most days. So when the Patsy Dress hit the website I went crazy for the 3/4 flute style flowing sleeve. I made my poor husband drive straight into our local store and once I tried this baby on I was hooked.

The fit is outstanding and in an 18 I'm comfortable, have no boob squishing going on and it really does hug my curves and create such amazing shape. It's that fit  that makes you feel like you can take on the world and look damn fine when doing it.

The fabric is lightweight and lined so it's suitable for both the cooler and warmer months - right now I pair this with thick black stockings, knee high boots and leather gloves but in the summer it will be nothing but platform pumps.

I know I loved this dress from the moment snapped it up but once I saw these images on the back of the camera I went crazy all over again and went straight from my shoot back to DF and picked up the blue/teal version. You can never have too many versions of a garment that makes you feel brilliant. So now I think all I need is a red and white version, solid black and maybe a floral print (hint hint DF HQ!) and my life would be complete.

Accessory wise I kept it simple and paired the Patsy with my new Texas Holdem  Reverfolie Earrings. These stunning drop styles feature glittering suits from playing cards. I love the simple shapes and how bolding they shine in the daylight. They also pair perfectly with this dress and I love how the bright red rube shade pops agains my hair.

My second favourite dress currently available has to be the Cottage Rose Dress. This stunning tea dress style ticks all of my spring desire boxes. A fitted bust, bow detailing, a super comfortable sleeve, pockets and an amazingly flattering flared skirt. The delicate floral print pairs with absolutely everything in my collection and I just love wearing all of my Dangerfield and Revival branded cardigans with this print. 

I'm wearing this style in an 18 and it's spot on for my bust, has enough room at the waist and arms (no tightness or restrictiveness going on) and it's an absolute joy to wear. I'm loving this seasons lengths as well as they hit me just above the knee and show off the right amount of leg.

Instead of pairing this with one of my many cardigans I opted for my amazing Ebony Denim Jacket which I reviewed earlier this year. I've never had a piece of denim fit me like this jacket does and it have become a weekday staple this winter and no doubt will be worn way too often this spring. Sadly this style has sold out but you  can find others like it here.

Again I kept my accessories simple with a few pins on my jacket and my beloved Retro Holly Hoops in baby blue. While I may not be wearing any pale blue I love how the shade used on the hoops works with the floral and denim - a match made in heaven. Next on my Reverfolie lust list has to be a few more of these earrings. I'm lusting after every glitter shade currently on the web store.

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