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Sunday, September 3, 2017


Kaiju Candy has done it once again with the release of her original IT themed range of brooches and earrings. Donna the master of making all things horror wearable has created 4 bold and brilliant pieces to pay homage to one of the scariest characters in horror history.

Stephen King's IT was one of the most terrifying and long term fear inducing films/mini series of my generations youth. Shaping young horror lovers like myself or scaring the crap out of your with Tim Curry's brilliant partial of Pennywise. Many of the most iconic books turned film were big when I was a child and preteen so I've basically grown up reading and watching his stories, so obviously owning this set was a must.

From the moment I saw the sneaky previews for this amazing Pennywise brooch I knew he must be mine but until I held him in my hands I had no idea of the sheer brilliance and size of this clown bust. Donna of Kaiju Candy always created the most perfect accessories because she knows exactly how to mix patterns, shapes and multiple forms of glitter.

This amazing and almost palm sized brooch is so strong, thick, bright and shines like crazy. It works brilliantly as a sold piece and even more amazing when worn with a high necked top and paired with the balloon. The mixture of glitters on this brooch really make it stand out and I'm actually a little jealous of his ruby red glitter hair do. 

I think the theme for every spooky themed shoot I do for Kaiju Candy should be - Getting my creep on for Donna.

You can never have enough balloons and the iconic Red Balloon from the film is currently my obsession since shooting these looks. There is something so simple yet so striking about both the solo and grouped balloons and I'm smitten hardcore with both pieces right now.

Just look at that pop and sparkle! How can you not wear these pieces each and every day. Styling wise it's super simple. Currently I'm loving them paired with bold red blouses or my Troublemaker and Bad Girl Crop Tops from Vixen by Micheline Pitt.

Plus there is a solo ruby sparkled brooch pin which links up with the Clown pin! So if you are wanting to go a little less bright this is the pin for  you. While these items are sold out via her website (there was an amazing rush on preorders!!) you can contact KC directly for other stockists and see if they will be returning.

Obviously I could not help but get inspired by these pieces and created my own little homage to the film with a Georgie style rain coat and balloon which I picked up at Bunnings.

Just a little creepy and kooky and hey I think I've got at least one of my Halloween week looks sorted! Many thanks to my amazing husband for stepping up and snapping these for me! We learn more and more every shoot and it's always awesome to create with him.

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