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Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Jubly Umph - Bringing It!

Since my obsession with brooches as pins began I've always loved Jubly-Umph bright, bold and fierce designs. There is something amazing about wearing all the things you want to say right there on your moto jacket. I have a whole bunch of themed motos but for these amazing pieces I've gone for the complete set all on one jacket and baby, they pack a punch!

Stay Weird Lapel Pin - $16.95 AUD
Read Or Die Lapel Pin  - $16.95 AUD
Not Yours Love Letter Lapel Pin  - $16.95 AUD
Here Comes Trouble Rose Lapel Pin  - $16.95 AUD

What first sold me on Jubly-Umph's designs was the classic style artwork and designs. Taking on the retro tattoo vibe and creating strong messages through pins, prints and tees. My choices for this haul were obviously what's true to me and what makes me essentially me. I'm bold, sassy when needed and too forward for my own good. I love what I love and take no shame in telling the world  - be it books, anatomical correct hearts or horror. Weird and proud of it always! 

The tee selection on the website are brilliant for variety of colours and sizes. I ordered the No Such Thing As Too Many Books tee as I live for reading and my dream is to have my own library with books lining the walls, leather armchairs - the whole hog!

I ordered an XL in both of the tees and the fit is perfection. Fitted at the bust, long enough to tucked or untucked and it's a little relaxed around the wait so it's super comfy and cute. I can have issues with bold prints on my rather large chest but the XL accommodates my GG's with ease and does not break or spread the print. I opted for white in one print and black in another but to be honest I'll be back for more colour ways in the future starting with the grey!

Eye Don't Care Lapel Pin - $16.95
Fuck Off Lapel Pin  - $16.95

Now this side of my lapel is a little more cheeky! A few curse words that I love and way too much attitude all framing my first Jubly-Umph brooch ever - the heart. It also feel brilliant to be wearing a sneaky F-bomb on my jacket.

The adorable little cactus with 'don't be a prick' always makes me giggle when I look down so I'm forever getting a kick out of wearing these. 

Crafty bitch for life! Well I've been lazy as of the last few years but, way back when, I was nutty for making jewellery and that creative streak never leaves. This phrase and tee make me so want to get back into it! The heart is also perfectly placed on the bust so it complements your chest and really looks fab. Again I'm wearing this tee in an XL and the fit is great plus I really love the wider neckline as it's better for larger chested women and does not force the print into an awkward location.

Thank you Jubly-Umph for starting me on a life long love affair with everything you create.

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