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Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Erstwilder Release - Into The Woods

This winter I've been absolutely nutty for all things woodland themed and I have spent most of time at forest photo shoots. So when these amazing woodland themed pieces were previewed by Erstwilder, I snapped up my absolute favourites as soon as I could.

To me, the woodlands and winter are the perfect pairing. With all of those rich colours, amazing prints and adorable animals, this might give you an explanation into why I shoot like crazy in this season and collect all of the cold weather accessories. 

So my husband and I snuck off to Macedon for the weekend, camera in hand and shot these in the most perfect little cottage. I paired each item with plaid and lots of warm layers. 

Oh my gosh, why have I not discovered acorn accessories before? They have to be the cutest little creations on earth. A classic drop style super light weight and a joy to wear. I was actually worried that my dark red hair would make these blend a little too much but they actually pop perfectly. 


I think they work perfectly with my hair due to the top of the acorn being a clashing colour. I've worn these all weekend and now into the week and I think from now on I need to start collecting more Erstwilder earrings. 

Acorns and stag heads oh my! One of my all time favourite things on earth is a deer or stag head if I ever see anything featuring such an image it HAS to be mine. So of course when I saw the Kind Hearted Keresh I was instantly in love. It reminded me of one of my most loved skirts from Dangerfield as the deer featured in that print have flowers adoring their antlers. 

Keresh has adorable little birds on his beautiful antlers and I love how the blue and red pop on the sparkling white. As I was not aware of the name Keresh I popped over to Google and found out that in Jewish mythology, there is a giant stag named Keresh that lives in a mythical forest called Divei Ilai. I love this concept and the end result of this design. 

It's clear that he is my new go-to brooch and will be all winter long. In celebration of the release of this range today I'll be wearing this exact pairing. 

Jack Lumber - $34.95
I went full woodland theme with my choices from this range and the Lumberjack cleverly named Jack Lumber won me over with his little hat, plain shirt and beard. 

Now I'll admit I'm a sucker for that look in general but when I looked at my collection I noticed that I've got so many female brooches in my collection but now fellas. So I knew that Jack had to be a new addition. 

What I love most about this brooch is the inspiration he gives me to wear more plain this winter - I'm going to go with the style - Lumberjack Chic. 

This year I've noticed a few more male characters in Erstwilder's collections and I hope to purchase more over the next few years. 

Based purely on the name alone  I was into the Cabin in the woods brooch as a big old school horror fan. The name always brings images of creepy cabins and big burly woodland bad guys. So when I picked this brooch I was going for a horror theme apposed to an adorable wood shack. Visually I felt Evil Dead vibes and the red door screams Nightmare on Elm St. 

 The wood grain texture/look on this style is brilliant and much like the beard it really shows just how creative the team at Erstwilder HQ are getting. The choice of glitter in the pin tree also make this little baby pop and as you can see these all pair perfectly with a variety of colours and fabrics. I also love that the little acorns pair perfectly with each brooch. 

I usually limit myself with 4 pieces from each release but I think for this season I'm going to take full advantage of the Afterpay on offer and snap up a few more items as I'm just smitten with every single piece. 

Many thanks to my photographer and husband for these images. I really think we rocked it as a team and created the perfect winter woodland visuals. 

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