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Thursday, June 29, 2017

I Want Kaiju Candy

Recently you may have seen a sneaky preview of the amazing Kaiju Candy range in my beloved bubble gum pop photo shoot. This amazing new brand is from my absolute favourite Australian accessory designer - Donna Mizzi.

Many moons ago I fell hard for Donna's previous brand Hansel and Gretel and I've been eagerly awaiting more of her creations ever since. When she joined the Erstwilder design team I was so very excited to see what creations would come from the dream team.

This year Kaiju Candy has been released on the world, inspired by Japanese kaiju monsters, kitschy horror movies, carnival freaks and the strange and I can't get enough of every single piece. Now some of these have just recently sold out but be sure to find Kaiju Candy on social media to find out what will be restocked, what is limited and what is to come in the next release!


Bright pops of colour and glitter is what this range is all about. Sticking with the carnival theme the Don brooch is an adorable little hot dog pin with all the trimmings. 

The bold yellow and red acrylic really make this dog pop on all of my jackets and I love how well it works with everything from a biker in leather or pink to a denim jacket. I don't wear this denim number out enough but I think the addition of such bright pops of colour really make me want to wear it more.

Pink and white stripes to match pin and white poochies!!! There is something about this little guy that brings a smile to my face and I think it's just because of how crazy happy he looks. I have so many big black based brooches in my collection so it's a really nice change to be able to have a bright while and pink style that pairs perfectly anything and everything.

I just love how well he works with my Vixen Bad Girl Crop top. This top will be released in orange and black for Halloween so I can't wait to snap up that colour way and find some kooky and spooky Kaiju Candy goodies to pair with it. 

Now for my husband's favourite piece - the disco poodle! This poodle's fur has got some serious blue glitter bling going on. This funky little furball sparkles with or without light as he has super chunky glitter flakes within the resin.

What I love most about this range are the smiles and the little details such as the adorable bright pops of red on each of this pup's bows. 

You know how there are some things or themes you'll never imagine wearing but once you have it you absolutely adore it? Well that's how I feel about this evil little chook. Inspired by wind up retro toys of yesteryear but with a touch of evil.

Just look at his evil little eye - he's planning to take over the world!

I paired the evil chicken with my red snake earrings which will hopefully come back in stock this year! I have both red and green in this style and they look amazing.

So happy I was lucky enough to snap up the Vincent earrings before they sold like hotcakes! The retro swirl and horror themed look makes my heart melt! Plus these are the biggest pair of earrings in my collection and they feel weightless! 

What I love most about these designs has to be the focus on colour and retro themes. I'm usually not one to love colour but I ADORE the brightness and the glitter used in each accessory and I can't get enough of both the brooches and the earrings.

I need more heads, more ears and more things to pin and poke all of these goodies to.   

Crabs and poodles an unlikely pair that look amazing together. The attack of the crab monster is such a popular style as the bold crab leg shape really looks amazing not matter what colour your hair is or style. I adore the contrasting post in orange and the tiny little black peepers. 

The pink poodle is exactly the same as the Disco doggie but without a glitter bombed coat. The pale pink is just as stunning and I love how the red bows work perfectly on both colour ways. I also love how well it pairs with a brighter shade of pink. I've learnt that with my vixen pink items you can mix and match all pink shades and they still look amazing!

As a crazy kitty lady I needed the Crunch the Cat brooch from the moment he was released. Such a kitschy bold black and white tom cat with the cutest face on earth. That smile, those eyes and the tiny pink tongue just make my heart melt. 

I actually wore this little fella to work today and every time I see him I smile.  

Oh Munchy how I adore your puzzled little face. This perfect little monster won my heart when I first unpacked him. I think it's the mix of different colour glitter, that almost confused and slightly sad face that really makes me love him more. How can you be scared of such a cute little guy?

Being a huge fan of Donna's previous brand I quickly became famous for being the Pretzel Queen. So when these glitter pretzels were released I did my usual grabby hands at the screen and needed them in my collection asap. 

I seriously can't get enough of these yummy pieces and I always have to wear them together and go into full pretzel queen mode.

Finally my stand out favourite as a horror fiend has to be 'The Creature' I've always had a huge love for the visual look of the Creature from the Black Lagoon and this version is freaking adorable. With those jagged little teeth and all the usual creature features he's now a very welcome addition to my creature collection. 

Hopefully I can get my hands on more monsters and creepy crawlies from this label as I live for these kinds of creations. Next on my lust list is THE FLY and I can't wait to see all the new designs to be released in the future. 

Many thanks to my amazing husband who captured all of these pieces perfectly from behind the lens. Every shoot he impresses the pants of me! 

To end this post I thought I'd leave you with one of the outtakes (there were many as I felt the need to act like a fool after every serious expression) enjoy =D 


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