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Saturday, June 17, 2017

Inspired Insanity

You may have heard the name Inspired Insanity before on my blog as I've linked to their stunning selection of petticoats and cardigans over the last few years. But recently they have actually started their own line of garments and I'm absolutely smitten with the fabrics and cuts!

From sweet florals to flamingos, skulls to strawberries and my absolute favorite - death moths! 

Peasant style swing dresses have always had a spot in my heart and the Butterfly Effect tea dress is amazing - full skirted so you can twirl all day long, fitted at the bust and waist to really accentuate your curves. I'm wearing the size 18 to accommodate my bust and it works out to be a fit much like the 2XL in Hell Bunny. The waist has a little bit of room and the fabric minimal stretch so be sure to accommodate your bust then tailor the waist if need be. I find right now I get perfect fit on my waist at times but then it's looser at the waist but for this style I'm loving the fit. 

I did have some issues with the zip at one point but the staff at Inspired insanity were very fast to send me a replacement and fix the situation with ease. They were so sweet and happy to help which just what you want out of your shopping experience. 

This print - pure magic! Full of Death moths/butterflies and lots of skulls! It's dark and spooky so obviously I adore it! 

Next I have one of my all time favourite winter coats from Hell Bunny! If you've followed this blog for a few years you might have noticed I have a huge HB coat collection and once I own one I usually order every colour way. For many years the Shonna fur deep v neckline coat was my go to but this year I've snapped up the Mikaela and it's perfect!

A swing almost nautical winter themed coat (is that a thing, well if it's not I just created it) with bold black faux fur cuffs and hood! The black velvet border trim, pockets and bold waist panel make this the prefect coat for curves as it draws the eye to the small of your waist and has a belt like effect.

While most of my coat are red or black I can't say no to teal as it's perfectly paired with my red hair and this specific shade of teal is absolutely delicious.

Size wise I opted for the 2XL as these boobies need heap of room. This style buttons up with ease and as the arms are super roomy as is the waist. You can layer up like crazy beneath as there is room for a thick cardigan or dress in these sleeves.

I wanted to shoot this coat with a little more neck and boobie showing as sometimes a full button up can shorten my favourite features. The length is covers your toosh and pairs perfectly with skirts, frocks and jeans. I can't wait to style this when it gets super chilly!

For this look I wanted a pair of gloves that really pop so I chose my beloved black and lilac polka dot leather gloves from Have to Have.  These really pop against the teal and look amazing. These have become my go to glove each winter and they are they last forever.

Many thanks to the amazing Julz Photography for snapping these shot of me! I can't wait to plan our next shoot!

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