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Thursday, June 15, 2017

All The Colours! All the Prints!

This year I'm going nutty for colour and prints, trying new shapes and styles and colour combos I'd usually not be bold or brave enough to wear. Now instead of repeating myself again and again in this post I will just get it out of the way right now - HELL BUNNY! Please make more prints in each of these dress styles as they are PERFECT!

MONTE CARLO MINI DRESS - $91.99 (Worldwide HQ website)
MONTE CARLO MINI DRESS  - $59.95 (Australian based shop)
Sportsgirl thick western belt - $24.95

This mini dress is a completely new style for me to try as are all of the frocks in this post. As an avid collector of peasant style tops and dresses I knew I needed to try this amazing style in the bold and beautiful Monte Carlo print and now that I have I'm swooning.
The Monte Carlo dress is amazing! With a short peasant sleeve which can be worn off the shoulder or as I've modeled it as a square neckline, fitted bust and A-Line skirt it's the dress of my dreams. What's featured in the print? Well lets ask what's not featured!! Full of iconic images of tropical village, casino and lots of bright splashes of colour. This print has been so popular this season both in this mini style and the other 50's style swing dress and skirt.

I'm wearing this style in a 2XL and it fits my bust perfectly and has lots of room at the waist. I love the fit on my bust however so with the addition of a waist belt the waist line is perfect. The length is perfect for summer yet a little shorter than what I usually choose as it is a 'mini dress' but it's in no way a super mini as it hits just above my knees and really flatters my shape. I've been wearing this style through autumn and even on those random warmer winter days as it pairs perfectly with all of my Hell Bunny cardigans. 

I just adore how bright this print is and how perfectly it pairs with solid black or red accessories. My Passion Earrings from Reverefolie match this fabric so well and I now I'm hunting for more colours and hoops in their store to suit all my new Hell Bunny options.

You will notice the bust has a peekaboo feature this is actually an awesome feature as it give more room in the bust. Be sure to pair this frock with the right bra - I've opted for a black lace style as it will be show.

Now after my plea at the start of this post I thought I'd double check and see if this mini style is available in any other prints and it is!! I need to get my hands on the Tutti Frutti and Sunshine versions! 

LULU DRESS - $115.99 (Worldwide HQ website)

Now for my absolute favourite colour combination - black and red. There is something so classic and appealing about wearing these shades together and the Lulu dress was born to be paired with a bright red cardigan or bolero.

Let's just gush over the Lulu for a moment. With a full swing skirt, structured bust, faux button up front and floral embroidery this dress is both classic and super sexy. I noticed this style a while back when a navy blue nautical themed version was released and I was very interested to try it but I tend to steer clear of blue as I don't get much wear out of it.

So when Lulu was released I had to have here asap! What I love most about this style has to be the fit at the bust as waist as it's made to really hug your curves and make your hourglass shape POP! The addition floral embroidery gives that vintage feel and the bright red buttons make your body appear longer and leaner. I'm wearing this style in a 2XL and I think I'm right on the cusp or and XL and a 2XL in all of these dresses as this again is roomy but not too roomy. This is also a standard length and it hits straight on the bottom of my knee naturally. 

I've paired Lulu with my amazing bright red Sweet Sweater from Heart of Haute which is a wardrobe staple. The shape hugs the bust line and really compliments my figure. I wear this sweater in a size XL.

Warning - colour explosion ahead!!! It seems I'm a sucker for fruit printed fabrics and accessories but how can you not fall in love with all those bright yummy goodies?

This look is a classic Hell Bunny swing style skirt paired with the Paloma cardigan which is a new style for me! I wear both in a 2XL and the skirt is perfect at the waist while the cardigan is super stretchy and have heaps of give. I know I could have paired this style with just any old basic black top and petticoat but honestly this print deserves so much more so I opted to wear the the Tutti Frutti with the fabulous Circus Petticoat from Two Lippy Ladies. This petticoat is pure magic with amazing multicolored layered ruffles at the base of a white full and fluffy petticoat. Because this is a border coloured petticoat the shades pop more so on the white and believe me you'll find it hard not to want to flash a little bit of this baby when you wear it. I can't wait to shoot this more and find more amazing items to match.

If you are not a huge fan of the brighter shades there is a Unicorn version as well which uses pastel colours. I have this petticoat in a M/L and its super stretchy so I could have easily worn the size down. But be sure to check your waist measurements before purchasing.

How can you not fall for this print? Those colours just pope and when paired with the Teal cardigan it really comes together perfectly. This skirt is shown with a petticoat underneath for extra volume but this style still has heaps of shape when worn without. If you have a 34 to 36 inch waist I highly suggest the 2XL as the fit is perfect. 

I also wish that I had found this range of cardigans much sooner as the colour options are amazing. From basic black to red, green, pink, mint, blue and more, you'll never have any issues pairing the prints at Hell Bunny with this selection.

If you love this print as much as I do, you can pick up tops, dresses and even swimwear to add to your collection in Tutti Frutti! 

SOMERSET 50'S SKIRT - $85.99 (Worldwide HQ website)

Same look but a different skirt and this outfit just proves how versatile and amazing the teal cardigan really is. Now this skirt shocked my husband when I first unpacked it as the bright orange colour was not something both he and myself thought would suit me. But there was just something special about the peach and floral print and I a knew I had to be brave and try it.

I'm so glad I did as this skirt is amazing!!! A country print perfect for picnics and those stunning summer days that I'm currently dreaming of. This skirt is a size 2XL but I found this one to be much more roomy than the Tutti Frutti even a little too big for me. But my trusty belt and some sneaky back tucking fixed this. This style is also available in a blue background fabric and you can find this in tops and dresses. 

The teal and orange were a match made in heaven as you can see and I don't think I can wear these two separately ever again. I think the Somerset Top is a must have to pair with this skirt as it will give the shape of the Monte Carlo dress but will still be interchangeable pieces!

BRIDGET MINI DRESS - $101.99 (Worldwide HQ website) 
BRIDGET MINI DRESS - $64.95(Australian website)

Lastly we have the adorable and waist hugging Bridget Dress. I may own way too much gingham but baby I don't give a damn!!! The Bridget mini is actually something I've had my eye on for a while but in the original black and red polka dot print. I missed my chance to snap that version up so when I saw that a gingham Bridget had been released I had to snap it up.

I'm so glad I did as its perfect!! A bold bustline with faux buttons, front pockets (yes real functioning pockets yippee!) and side sheering so it mold to your curves. This style is a mini like the first dress so it hits just a little above the knee and is great for showing your pins without showing all of your toosh as I tend to have that issue with mini's. The fit of the straps and side stretchy panels make this a perfect fit no matter what size or shape you might be. It's going to flatter all figured for a busy girl like myself it gives me heaps of room to work with at the bust and more so at the waist. I'm wearing the 2XL and its great. If I loose a few more kilos I'd drop down to the XL as the sides will give and fit perfectly.

I get so many compliments every time I wear this out so the love for Bridget is worldwide! I had to do the 'pocket pose' for this as I really love the bold black details and how all of these dresses have pockets! As you can see the red cardigan suits this style perfectly and I can't wait to try it with my Blue Sweet Sweater or even black!

Many thanks to the amazing Damien Bowerman for these shots and for rocking Sassafras with me! I can't wait to share the darker Gothic images we shot next week so keep your eyes peeled!

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