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Sunday, March 26, 2017

Insect Diva

This week I wanted to share one of my all time favourite accessory brands based in the US - Insect Diva. Ever since I can remember I've had an obsession with bugs and creepy crawlies as accessories and the amazing Diana Michelle has created the BEST of the BEST pieces when it comes to this theme.

Now before I write this review I wanted to share a little information taken directly for the webstore so you are fully aware of how these insects are included in such amazing accessories. 

'Conservation is a prime concern, so only non-endangered insects are used, and our intention is to use insects and arthropods that have died naturally, or pest species that have passed as part of IPM to preserve native plants and animals. Insect Diva pieces showcase the utter beauty of insects, while educating people about them, making these beautiful creatures more real and accessible to everyone :). Thus raising our awareness of these stunning creatures, and connecting us more with our natural environment, and the importance of conserving it'

There is something magical about the designs of Insect Diva. Bold shapes, amazing colours and naturally sourced insects all come together to create amazingly unique and inspiring pieces. For years I've been wearing my favourite bugs forged from sterling silver but now I can actually wear the real thing!!

From the first moment I laid eyes on this necklace I knew it had to be mine. Such a simple yet striking pendant on a thin sterling silver chain of the perfect length - yes perfect! Having a large chest my boobies can devour most necklaces if the chain is too long but all of these pieces sit in the most perfect spot. 

The bright green and black beetle absolutely pops on my super pale skin and I love how it pairs with my red hair. Now I've been wearing this casually or with out on the town and I love how easily it pairs with everything in my wardrobe. 

Next is the perfect winter accessory set and one of the most divine pieces I've ever had the pleasure of wearing. The ice princess is a perfect jewelry version of the amazing way that ice, snow and water form in the winter. Creating stunning droplets paired with the silvery antler shapes that perfectly capture that winter feel and make for a very glamorous set. 

Who needs diamonds when you can have an amazing set like this that's completely unique and looks just as perfect. I love wearing these with a little black dress, a black fur stole and even a snow white angora beret. Although perfectly paired each piece works perfectly when worn on their own and add a little sparkle to any black dress or blouse. I can't wait for winter to hit Australia so I can wear these like crazy.

You can purchase this as a set or individually if you tend to wear one item more than the other.

Scorpion Queen  Necklace in Red - $87.84 (sold out)

Lastly I have one of the most bold and exciting pieces of jewelry I've ever owned. The Scorpion Queen necklace is a strong and striking necklace in ruby red, green and gold. This year I've discovered a real love for this shade and I'm working into my collection every month it seems. 

When you wear this necklace you will honestly feel like an queen as it creates such bold shapes and really pops. I can't wait to pair this with an amazing evening gown and shoot it very soon! I'm already on the hunt for a blood red full length style to wear with it. But you don't have to limit wearing this to only formal occasions. Pair this with boho style dresses and florals for an amazing look or even add this to a LBD as a statement piece. 

This style necklace also comes in a emerald green scarab beetle version and I'm dying to get my hands on that baby asap! Being a redhead I'm always on the hunt for the perfect green accessories and I think that will suit me perfectly! 

While this version is sadly sold out you can snap it up in Gold or there is a Regal Scorpion Necklace that is very similar in both design and colour. I've already started my next lust life for more Insect Diva creations with more bugs, mouths and spiders! It's creations like these that will never date and can be worn for ever.

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