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Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Pinup Couture Shoe Addiction!

Earlier this year I announced my brand Ambassadorship with Shoe Me Gorgeous and today I wanted to give you a more in depth review of two of the stunning new Pinup Couture styles I've been using in my photoshoots recently. This month I fell in love with the super feminine and very vintage inspired heels. Both in my favourite basic black with a twist and a colour I've been hunting high and low for - Yellow!

When I first laid eyes on the Bettie I just adored the little heart cut out features on the to and side of these classic sling back platforms. I've always found a sling black heel super comfortable but I love the attention to detail that has been taken when creating Bettie. From the hearts to the bow all of these items come together to create a very stunning shoe and the white pipping on the black faux leather really makes this style pop! 

As an Australian size 10 I wear a US11 in Pinup Couture and I found this specific style to be very comfortable due to the hidden heart of comfort that I mentioned in my first review. This cushioned heart sits under the sole of your foot for extra comfort and support when wearing these all day long. After modeling these a few weeks back I would not take them off and usually I'm dying to get out of my footwear and corsets at the end of a long shoot! 

How adorable are those hearts and bows??!!?? 

These are available in black, mint and baby pink  which are perfect for summer colours and prints. I opted for black as I tend not to wear too much of the other shades but I'm now lusting after these in mint. I can't wait to see what other shades are in store for the future - maybe ruby red? 

I have been dreaming of the perfect pair of pinup heels in yellow and Pinup Couture finally answered my prayers! The Bettie-01 in a vintage dream with this stunning bright yellow shade, white accents, scalloped edging and topped off with a sweet ankle strap and bow. 

With these it's all about those little details that make you swoon and I can't get enough of the style and ease of wear. I'm wearing this Bettie in an 11 as well and with the peep toe area I find it's a perfect fit as there is not much give. If yellow is not your colour then don't fret as they are also available in black, teal and hot pink! I think I need the black or hot pink in my collection asap. 

Now the heels on both of these platforms are 4 1/2 inches high and they are just the right height. I can wear these all day to work or out all evening without any issues or discomfort.

I think it's very clear now that I'm a very loyal fan of Pinup Couture shoes. The are a perfect retro reproduction shoe brand with a modern and functional twist and the designs are always amazing. If you are looking for the PERFECT vintage inspired shoe to pair with your modern or classic pinup wardrobe then Pinup Couture is for you. 

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  1. Thank you Teer, for such a great review ox
    I've been designing for Pinup Couture for 2 1/2 years now;)
    I think your beautiful. I follow you on my personal IG @mantrap1989 as well we follow you on @pinupcoutureshoes ox =^,^= meow