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Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Think inside the box

The Oblong Box Shop that is!! I've have been lusting after this brand for many moons now as they make the most adorable printed swing and wiggle skirts, bright blouses, leggings, accessories and more!

Recently I had the absolute pleasure of shooting two of the themed (but don't let that EVER stop you wearing these all year round) swing skirts from their collection and I have to admit that I'm 100% in love with these.

Lucky You Brooch - $25.00 USD

As a redhead I lust after all shades of green and finally I've found the full pinup/retro full emerald outfit of my dreams. It just happens to be in time for St Patrick's Day as well but I know I'll be wearing these items all year round as they are too cute to wear only once a year. I'm packing this outfit for a trip up to Brisbane and celebrating in style!

This was my first time in The Oblong Box Shop's garments and judging by the size chart, my waist  and giant bust I went with a 2XL in both tops and bottoms. Each skirt is printed on medium weight 100% Polyester fabric - 4 yards worth so it's full without a petticoat and creates an amazing shape. The waist band has limited stretch on each skirt so I went with the 2XL as I jump between 35 and 36 inches currently at the waist and the fit is spot on. 

The most ingenious thing about this product has to be the little note that is attached to the zipper that states 'Designed with a side zipper and button detail, each skirt’s waistband features an extra 1” so the button can be moved to create an entirely custom fit. That’s right, you can tailor this skirt to fit your shape exactly!' So if your beloved skirt arrives a little tighter than you'd like you just move the button along for the perfect fit. 

With each top I wore a 2XL and I found the fit on the peasant top to be super roomy and stretchy as it can accommodate up to a 48 inch bust and a 38 inch waist. The elastic sheering at the back helps this garment both stretch and hug your curves and there is plenty of room in the bodice so if you are very large in the chest this is the top for you. 


Now outfit is complete for me without an amazing brooch and the Lucky horseshoe is absolutely adorable! It really completes the look and pairs perfectly with each item. 

What I love most about this outfit is the fact that each shade of green is different yet they complement each other so well and look amazing as a complete outfit. But if all green is a little to much for you then you can also pick this style up in red, teal, pink, green grass, orange, black, raspberry and purple.

Next just so happens to be a Valentines themed skirt and shirt combination that is in no way ever to be limited to that one romantic day. Why? Because it's an amazingly kitschy skirt inspired by the retro greeting cards of yesteryear. I'm a sucker for a border pint at all times but I have to admit my heart flutters that little bit more when the border print includes a stunning scalloped edge as it really makes a garment POP. 

The colour combinations work perfectly all summer and spring and the styling options are endless with this little number. I've paired this skirt with the brilliant The Quintessential Blouse in Mint and the bolder pink hues and the pale mint work so well together. 

I also paired this look with my new favourite Pinup Couture heels from Shoe Me Gorgeous the Bettie-03 as the adorable heart and bow designs really matched well. These shoes are so very comfortable and amazing and they will be getting their own review this coming weekend so keep your eyes peeled.  The Bettie-03 also comes in Mint or Pink so all 3 would work perfectly with both outfits. 

As I mentioned above I'm wearing the The Quintessential Blouse in a 2XL and the fit is glorious. Rarely do I have any luck with button up shirts but the fit on this style is fantastic. It's not too fitted and not too loose and compliments my figure without making me look boxy. The length is perfect for both tucking and wearing over jeans or pants plus the colour selections available - black, olive, pink purple and red are that cute you'll need them all. Next on my lust list has to be one black and one red as they will match absolutely everything in my wardrobe. 

So now that I've tried and fallen hard for The Oblong Box Shop's designs it's clear to me that I'll need to collect each and every skirt and shirt. They also sell amazing wiggle skirts and so many unique prints with everything from Christmas to Halloween, Tiki to Outer Space and many many more. You will love everything in this store!

Many thanks to Damien Bowerman for being my first shoot of 2017 and helping me get back into the swing of things this year. 


  1. Wow! What an adorably festive St. Patrick's Day outfit! I never thought to dress to fit that holiday (everyone is always over the moon for Christmas and Valentine's Day) but I may have to soon!!

  2. Would you be willing to part with your vintage Valentine skirt? Please let me know .. thank you!