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Thursday, March 2, 2017

Atomic Spy

Each and every season I fall deep and hard for Collectif's new ranges and last year I marked the release of what has to be two of my all time favourite garments from both their core and the Bright and Beautiful range. While these styles sold like hotcakes on the Collectif website I've searched all over the internet to find more stock so be sure to snap them up before they sell out again!

Oh Trixie how you rock my world! From red to teal, wiggle to the swing doll version I always trust the fit and flattering cut of the Trixie style dresses. This past season my favourite style was released in the Atomic Star print and it is perfection.

Why am I so in love with the Trixie? Well it all comes down to the fold over bust, 3/4 sleeves and the fabric which is super stretchy yet holds you firmly in all the right places.

This season I tried this style in a 18 as my bust has expanded but I think the 16 would be a much better fit as the fabric is really forgiving and I tend to love the bodice/bust areas of these dresses to really hold me in. I've worn everything from a 14 to 18 in Collectif and it's more about fit rather than the number on the tag. 

Can we take a moment to appreciate this atomic print? I'm usually not a huge fan of gold but this year I've added more and more of this precious colour into my collection and I'm loving it. 

If the atomic print is not up your alley then don't fret! There are lots of solid colour versions avaliable in the core range right now. You can find solid black and ruby red in a variety of sizes plus the wiggle version which is just as flattering in the same shades. 

There are a few things I'm fully addicted to and aside from shoes and leather gloves, coats are one of my most beloved items to purchase. I have a wardrobe purely for them as I adore styling and layering them in the cooler months. Collectif have always blown me away with their outerwear styles but I never knew how much I could love Cord until I wiggled my way into the Sage coat. Styling curves in winter can leave you shapeless but I find trench coats are perfect for an hourglass shape.

The Sage Coat features all the classic trench styling's with a figure flattering fit and roomy to layer in the sleeves when winter hits.  

I'm wearing the 18 in this coat and for the last 2 years or so I've been ordering size 18 in outerwear to accommodate my chest - there is nothing worse that buying a coat that won't button up over your boobies! The waist and bust fit wonderfully in this size and as I mentioned previously there is heaps of room for thicker sweaters to be layered underneath.

Metallic Green Real Scarab Beetle Junebug Sterling Silver Necklace - $66.61  (to be fully reviewed next week)

The burgundy cord is such a rich and lush colour and I love how well it pairs with both my accessories and the amazing Pin Up Couture BETTIE-01 Yellow Faux Leather Platforms. I think yellow, gold and burgundy might just be my new go to colours for Autumn/Winter 2017.

Now lets focus on the most amazing sunglasses I've ever owned from Miu Miu. From the moment I laid eyes on this stunning pair of butterfly sunglasses I was hooked. With an antique Gold frames are made from Metal with Purple Brown Plastic lenses these are the so unique and beautiful. When I first saw this style I instantly thought of Vampira's gold bat glasses but with softer and more modern take on the bold shape.

These are lightweight yet full coverage and perfect for a heart shaped face such as mine. When it comes to glasses I'm either a cats eye or a oversized kind of girl and these are almost the perfect mixture of both shapes. These are definitely an investment and an amazing style that will never go out of fashion purely because of how bold and unique they are.

Having a longer fringe can really get annoying with larger shaped frames but these sit perfectly with out dinting or taking over my hair in any way and I just adore the shade of gold with my hair colour  and coat.

Now Melbourne can we please say goodbye to this hot weather so I can wear this constantly? Luckily these amazing glasses are perfect for all year round wear but now that I've paired the coat and the glasses I need to wear them all the time!

Many thanks to Damien Bowerman who worked with me on this shoot any many more images to come and for making the connection between this look at Dr. Strange - who would have thought?


  1. lovely dresses! I like the first better but pretty sure the latter would look better on me

    Inside and Outside Blog

  2. You are one of the most beautiful women I have ever are in a word perfect.....when I close my eyes and dream of a perfect woman, it's YOU that I see!!!!!