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Sunday, November 6, 2016

Tiki Fetish

Very soon I'll be sharing a huge post about my time in the US shooting with one of my favourite brands on this planet - Pinup Girl Clothing! It's going to be a big one and it's a post not only based around the experience, but also coming to terms with my body shape, my flaws and all those things we tend to get hung up on. But until then I have a HUGE review blog for you of some of the most requested items to review from other large busted ladies.

I'm trying new and old favourites throughout this post and everything is amazing fit wise! So don't worry about the size listed on your tag, focus on the best fit for you.

Oh Vera! When I saw the release of the Vera dress I was absolutely mesmerized by the new style bustline, thick straps the shorter style skirt. After checking the size size chart I was absolutely sold on the XL but I was still a little concerned about my ample bust fitting into this style. On paper it sounds perfect but with some fabrics you just never know. I also wanted to give a few other styles the 'giganto boobie test' so I ordered this and the Zooey to see just how well a large chest can work with these presumably more bust friendly styles. 

This week my XL arrived and given my closeness to the measurements I opted to go with no bra for this style as I find the more structured cup styles at pinup girl clothing give great support such as the vamp dress or top. The result - a perfect fit! The style zips up and holds my chest up and in with no issues what so ever. Although my bust is a little bigger than the cups themselves there is no real visual issue as the fabric hides any issues. My chest has grown that large that I tend to wear 2XL's now to get the right amount of room but for the Vera the XL is a perfect fit and so very flattering to my shape. 

I paired this style with one of my favourite boleros from Inspired Insanity and the faux leather deadly dames buckle belt from the Downtown Dame Dress. The fetish style print has long been a favourite from me and I've featured 4 different garments throughout the years in this one print! 

Now for something softer.

For many years I dreamed of owning a Zooey Dress but the cup scared me and until recently I've never been game to slip into this stunning style. But this year the Zooey bust has been redesigned to accommodate larger chests and I know it was finally time to get my hands on it finally. 

Before I write anything let me just thank the design team at PUG for giving us boobtastic girls a little more fabric and coverage in an amazingly flattering dress. I'm wearing the Zooey in an XL and it's super roomy, has adjustible straps and enough room in each cup to hold me in without a bra. Yes that shape and height is the dress working it's magic!! I'm a GG and it's fitting me perfectly.  

What I love most about this style is the waistband. It creates a tiny tiny waistline, draws attention to the smallest part of my waist and really emphasizes my curves. It's an optical illusion that does wonders for your figure and now I need this in every possible print for the rest of my life. 

The mint and pink Tiki is actually a little darker outside of studio lights but I'm loving the pale shades and softness of the fabric. While most tiki style garments are bold and bright this gives off a softer vibe and suits so many different accessories and cardigans. I paired this with a longer sleeve bolero in pink (16)  and matching petticoat both from Inspired Insanity (size L/2XL) But you can use many different colours and even back to style this print with. The denim retro wedges work perfectly with this look and you could even modernize this dress by adding a cute cropped denim jacket. 

Never did I think it was possible for me to pull off a very classic 60's neckline but because of the Harley Dress I can comfortably and happily wear this style! I was lucky enough to model this when I was in LA back in August and I instantly loved the fit and the very casual yet adorable design. I don't always have to have my chest on display and for times when I want to be covered up but still need to beat the summer heat the Harley is absolutely perfect. 

Now I originally tired the 2XL and it was roomy at my waist so I tried the XL only to find that it was way too tight on my chest giving me that pancake boob look we all dread. So back I went to the 2XL and as I've been saying a lot these days I'll purchase to fit my chest then tailor it to fit me at the waist. But as I've found out recently the fit of this dress is meant to be a little roomy and relaxed, so I'm sticking with this as is. 

It was fabrics like this that inspired me to add more Tiki to my collection this past season and I think my love for such prints will continue year after year. I also love how bold the blue and green combination is and how well it pops with my hair and skin tone. 

I'm on my 3rd Renee dress now and I can't get enough of this style! From the adjustable straps and cross over back, to the little peekaboo midriff section the Renee is my go to frock for summer. It's breezy and super comfortable and with a new tiki print this dress is perfect for our upcoming heatwave. I've upgraded to the 2XL to accommodate my chest but because of this the midsection is a little loose but that's something easily fixed by a tailor. It just needs an inch or two taken in on either side and it will sit perfectly all day long. What happens currently? Well the middle section tends to droop so I've clipped it in these images until I get it taken in. 

This dress is amazing and it seems to suit all shapes and sizes and all bust shapes. Best of all you won't suffer from that annoying halterneck dress pain when going braless as this dress is built to hold you up all day long without putting to much strain on your neck. Sadly this style is sold out online but lets hope that it's released in even more prints as I must collect them all! 

Many thanks to Damien Bowerman for shooting these for me and I can't wait to catch up with him once he returns from his Euro trip!!

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