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Sunday, November 6, 2016

It's Magical!

When searching for the best of the best for my Halloween shoot I was contacted by my favourite local dressmaker, Sarsparilly about including her Harry Potter themed print in the shoot. Now this fabric was perfect for a 'dress up themed shoot' but I also wanted to not take the focus off such a unique item that was not particularly spooky - so the Headline Dress gets a feature post all of its own!

While most Harry Potter themed items are very obvious this amazing print takes pages from the 'Daily Prophet' and creates an amazing newspaper headline print of the coolest kind. It's a subtle yet brilliant way for any Potter lover to share their obsessions with the world while still flattering your hourglass shape. What excited me most, more than the HP theme, has to be the fact that I now own a dress with my dream man - Gary Oldman's face on it! Squeeeeeeeee!

Made of a lightweight cotton with very little stretch I'm wearing this dress in the size 2XL/16 and it's the perfect fit for both my waist and bust. I'm usually not able to get this kind of fit with a higher neckline as my chest is so large but this frock works perfectly. Many higher necklines in this fabric create a what I like to call a pancake type effect with the bust but this fits perfectly!

Now I'm wearing this style without a petticoat and the pleats create such fullness that you don't even need to and extra volume.

I styled my Headline Dress with my own Harry Potter wand that I picked up at Universal Studios and my trusty Sweet Sweater from Heart of Haute. We had too much fun shooting this outfit and I love the silly 'conducting' magic expressions and the most stone faced levitation ever known to mankind.

Serious magic making business obviously.

Because one has to be super serious and squint with only one eye when using a wand :P

This one makes me giggle so hard! I could not for the life of me pull this levitating look off without looking nutty but I love these non 'model' poses! Sarsparilly also have an adorable cartoon print in their collection which is so cute and both are a must have for any fans of the movies and books.

Many thanks to Liz at L12 Photography for playing in the woods with us and for creating these amazing images. I can't wait to visit her again soon and get even more creative!

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