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Sunday, November 13, 2016

Tea for Me

This month I need to get my arse back into gear and get back into living life to the fullest and not being so lazy. I've purchased new trainers, I've ordered heaps of new work out gear, and I'm planning my menus ahead weeks in advance.

Lately I've just not felt like my usual self and I know when that blah feeling pops up that it's back on the getting fit wagon for me and I'm excited.

One of the biggest issues I've had in the past few months is bloating. Now matter what I eat, I bloat and as the day goes on, I feel like I just expand more and more. I wake up first thing in the morning and feel great but by the evening I can feel like a bloated mess.

I've tried pills but nothing seems to help but recently I tried Flat Tummy Tea - a bloat begone tea and I've fallen in love with not only the flavour but the real results! The taste is absolutely divine! I'm a mad fan of peppermint tea and there are definitely notes of this with both the activate and cleanse teas. I'm a warm herbal tea or English tea drinker in the cooler months and an iced tea lover in the summer and luckily these can work both warm and cold!!

The process is simple and once you start drinking the tea, it honestly becomes second nature! How does it work well let me explain :

Step 1. Activate

Wake up, get up and kick ass all day long with a cup of Activate tea at breakfast.
It will help*:
  • Reduce your bloating
  • Support your metabolism
  • Help maintain a healthy immune system
  • Boost your energy
  • Step 2. Cleanse

Get a flat tummy while you sleep (oh yeah!) - drink every couple of nights before bed to help*:
  • Detoxify your system
  • Reduce your bloating
  • Decrease your water retention
  • Cleanse your digestive system
You don't have to do step 2 every night but every second or third will help you achieve less bloat. While it does not make my tummy go away - because that would be absolute magic - it really does help with bloating and how it can mentally and physically make us feel like crap at times. 

It's also great for those 'Whoops' moments we all have of over indulgence. Over the weekend I may have consumed way too much pizza and next weekend I might slip up (I'm human) but I know that I can count on this tea to help get me back on track. 

This isn't a weight loss tea, so don't be fooled by that idea as no real liquid will magically get your bad bits into the shape you like them, but if you suffer from bloating like me then this can really help you feel better and love your refection from the side once again. 

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