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Sunday, November 13, 2016

That New Voodoo

This season Voodoo Vixen has created absolute magic with stunning new dress styles, lots of separates and some amazing deco jumpsuits. With lush fabrics and prints, amazing tailoring and some of the most comfortable fabrics to date we are seriously spoilt for choice with this latest selection.

While a lot of these styles are limited to the standard size range there are a few stretchy garments that I can wear with ease. I recently tried two of my absolute favourites in this new range (the Zooey and Laura) but due to lack of stretch of the bust line the XL just didn't work on me. With non stretch at VV I tend to wear a 2XL or an XL depending on the cut of the garment. For all other items I wear an XL.

Dita Dress in Blue - £45.00

This year I've added so many high necklines to my wardrobe! As a busy girl I should not be afraid to show or not show my chest and it's great to know that styles like the Dita exist and look amazing on larger chests. The Dita Dress in blue is a super stretchy with a demi-flared skirt that perfectly skims past my hips and defines my curves. The high line features a button clasp and a classy keyhole chest cut out and the sleeves a slightly puffed shoulder and full-length sleeve. It's those little details that make this dress shine.

I'm wearing the Dita in and XL and the fit is superb as the fabric is stretchy yet super thick so it holds your in perfectly. While matching belts are really not my thing I really love it for this dress. This dress is a dream to wear and so very comfortable. The high neckline sits the right point on your neck so it does not give you that 'strangled' uncomfortable feeling and it's perfect for all you work or family Christmas parties.

While a blue as bright as this is usually not my colour I think it works perfectly with my hair and skin tone. I'm also lusting after the Burgundy version of the Dita I discovered via Unique Vintage's website. I need both in my collection!!

Willow Maxi Dress - £58.00

When the latest Voodoo Vixen look book was released I literally yelped at the sight of the Willow Maxi Dress. For the past year I've been completely obsessed with maxis and it's really hard to get a style that suits a pinup wardrobe. But Voodoo Vixen have come to the rescue with this stunning 40's inspired maxi dress in bold black floral print. Made from yet another stretchy fabric this time a little lighter in weight the Willow is the perfect 'Wrap' dress for an hour glass figure. It's my belief that every girl of every shape and size needs a maxi dress and this style will compliment so many different figures! 

I'm wearing the Willow in a size XL and the fit is spot on. It wraps beautifully around my figure, hugs my curves and works with my bust! The length hit my just as the  top of my feet and can dressed up or down depending on which accessories you choose. While the fabric looks to be 'showing through' a little whiter in these images I promise you that is not the case. With studio lights and the white underside of the fabric itself it seems to photograph like this. But in reality the fabric is perfect both top and bottom. I'm loving the addition of a maxi in the Voodoo Vixen range and I can't wait to get my hands on more. There is an amazing long velvet style I'm crushing on right now!

These styles are working perfectly with the chill we still get during the Melbourne spring but they are perfectly suited to Autumn and Winter and look amazing when layered with coats. Now these are just a small selection of what is on offer from the current range and I can't wait to see more and more girls and bloggers in all of the new season selections. On a side note I'd really love it some of the structured blouses, jumpsuits and pants were added to the plus section so I could rock these 1940's styles every day!

Many Thanks to Damien Bowerman for snapping these shots and for forever making me think I'm a superhero when wearing the Dita!

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