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Monday, October 24, 2016

Do the Trick-or-Treat

The most spooky, fantastically kooky and my personal all time favourite time of the year has finally hit!!  So to celebrate the brilliant season of horror and all things creepy I've selected my favourite Halloween themed clothing and accessories to feature in this image packed post. Now if you are anything like me - horror junkie and proud of it! You'll be happily wearing these styles all year round.

Armed with magical, spooky and sweet prints Liz Fleming, my lovely husband/smoke machine guru and I took at trip into the woods and snapped my must have pieces this season. This year every brand has outdone themselves and I'm absolutely smitten with the variety of prints, styles and size ranges available. 

Now in a rush to get as many spooky themed items as I could I had to get the Hell Bunny items in sizes that were not my usual. I'll go into more detail below but I usually wear an XL in skirts, cardigans anywhere from a large to an 2XL and the mini dresses without stretch in 2XL to accommodate my huge rack.  

Last year I fell in love with a dress I never thought would suit me. It's a high neck, mod style mini dress but the print won me over instantly and once I slipped into the frock I discovered I can rock this style. So imagine my excitement when I found out that Hell Bunny have created two more versions of this shape for Halloween! This season we have this brilliant mini in two vampire themed prints. 

This print jumps out and screams at you in the best kind of way! It's bright, rich and every aspect from the bright rose red lips to the white fangs is clear and bold. Size wise I wear this cut in an 2XL as I mentioned above but this baby sold out super fast and I could only get my hands on the XL. While this is a super tight fit around the bust and waist it fits great on the arms. I'd be more comfortable in a 2XL though as the bust isn't made for these double G's and there is little to no stretch in the fabric. 

Hell Bunny has also added another item to their ever growing list of accessories and you can get the purse to match this amazing print. But unlike the dress we have a large bold vampire lip on a gloss matte finish. The purse is perfection and I can't wait to use it this week! 

Unique Vintage 1950s Orange Pumpkin Dot High Waist Circle Swing Skirt - $72.00

Now my heart skipped a beat when I saw this spotted pumpkin print hanging on the 'to wear' rack during my shoot at Unique Vintage and I had the pleasure of modelling it their studio. But I knew when I got home that I wanted to style it in my own way and give it the full spooky treatment. With a smiling Jack O'Lantern print on the front and a more grumpy frowning fella at the rear you will fall hard for this polka dots swing skirt. I'm 100% addicted to UV's swing skirts as they are voluminous without petticoats, super comfortable and the variety of prints is brilliant. I'm wearing the XL in this style and it's tight without my corset but perfect with it. 

While you'd usually see me with my trusty waist belt I skipped my favourite accessory for this skirt as the waist band should never be hidden. The bright green contrasts perfectly with the orange dot print. I paired this skirt with my Vixen by Micheline Pitt Power Puff top in black and some adorable accessories I picked up from Debstar for this spooky shoot. Micheline has created the most comfortable and best fitting peasant top an I can't wait till I get all of the images back from our shoot so I can write up a full blog review. I'm wearing the top in a 2XL and I wear a mixture of XL and 2XL's in her range. We opted to size up so there was no elastic over tightness on the sleeve. 

This skirt has sadly sold out in the larger sizes via :Unique Vintage but if you search the world wide web you may just find a few through re-sellers. I really hope that this print comes back as it sold like hotcakes and everyone needs this skirt! 


From one stunning UV swing skirt to another! This time I'm wearing the Haunted Mansion print and the detail in this skirt is absolutely amazing. From the moment it arrived I found every little skeleton, ghost, tombstone and creepy creature and like many of the upcoming prints from Unique Vintage it almost tells a story. While I'm not a huge fan of purple I actually love the mix of purple, blue an black in this skirt and this exact print is what inspired me to hire smoke machines for this shoot! This style was so popular it instantly sold out in most sizes but luckily enough Cherri Lane had my size in stock. They always carry the best of the best styles from UV. 

For this print I'm wearing a 2XL and the fit is perfect without a corset with a little room and give so you can wear it out all day without it tightening. I find I like a little extra space in my swing skirts but like my wiggles firmer. 

Accessories wise I chose my Cara the Halloween kitty brooch from Erstwilder as she works perfectly with the colour pallet and looks amazing on my Power Puff top. 


I also paired this outfit with my newest obsession - Reverefolie earrings! A local Australian designer who is a design genius and creates laser cut acrylic jewelry with a vintage flair. Each design is so detailed and perfect and once you get one pair you'll back on ETSY ordering 2 or 3 more. 

With a variety of spooky, vintage, art deco, kitsch and pinup style designs you will be in earring heaven when shopping on her online store. What I love most about these designs has to be the 50's barbie hoop style shape an all the attention to detail. The colours in this Howling at the moon earrings from Reverefolie really do work perfectly with this outfit. 

Spider Web Print Heidi Dress - $70.00  Sold out everywhere but you can find more Pinup Girl Clothing spider web themed items here
Heart of Haute Sweet Sweater  - $40.00

I finally got a chance to shoot my beloved spider web print Heidi from Pinup Girl Clothing! I've had this dress for a year or so now but I've never had a chance to model it. So when this shoot idea was being planned I quickly put together my most loved Halloween outfit and added a few adorable accessories to compliment the bold black and white print.

Paired with another pair of Reverefolie Earrings this time a bright yellow and purple mix featuring black cat and the number 13. Each of the Halloween styles has a glitter spect to the resin and the sparkle in the right light.

From black cats to adorable spooky little ghosts from Daisy Jean I've covered both my love for spooky and vintage style accessories. Little Boy Boo is so perfect and large enough to really make some impact on any outfit. It is lightweight and looks brilliant pinned on my sweet sweater. 

Sadly this version of the Heidi has sold out but there are so many spider print items in both this colour and black and orange still up for grabs right here. I wear this style as well as the Heart of Haute Cardigan in an XL and there is ample room for my bust and waists. I also own this style in a Large an it still fits me but I find that the XL is the best fit between the both of them.

Another tried and trusted style from Unique Vintage is the Knit Flare Dress. Last year I reviewed this exact style but with a navy nautical print and I just love the high neck, skater dress vibe it has. I picked this print specifically for Halloween as the fruit reminded me of bobbing for apples and It really works perfectly with this set! 

While some busty girls think high necklines are a bad idea, I welcome them. This specific style is made from a firm and stretchy cotton and really holds your curves in all the right places. I'm wearing an XL and the fit is perfect. The skirt i a little shorter than I usually wear but it also looks amazing with tights or stockings and knee high boots. I can't wait to see what other prints or colour ways will be released in this style as it's such a great day to day dress. I'd also love to see this with a sweetheart or scoop neckline in the future - then I'll buy them all! 

I'm also loving the Creature from the Black Lagoon blur effect that Liz created with these shots. Be sure to click all of the relevant links for close ups of each print and style in even more detail.

I think it's fair to say that I'm going to live in this skirt for the rest of my life. I've always had a soft spot for spider webs and simplicity of the placement on this swing style skirt is so very flattering and adorable. With the perfect placement of two spiderwebs, one cheeky 8 legged freak an a complimenting white waitband this skirt is absolutely amazing. I'm wearing the 2XL an it's a little big at the waist but a firm and sturdy waist belt helps keep it perfectly in place. 

I paired this skirt with the new Jack O'Lanten cardigan. Every season I pick up a new Hell Bunny cardigan as they are super soft, stretchy and have the cutest motifs.

Naturally I paired this look with the adorable Jack O'Lantern Reverelolie earrings which are my stand out favourites! The bold orange sparkled pumpkin paired with bats and a full moon won my heart and they perfectly compliment this look.

It was such an absolute pleasure shooting all of these kooky looks with Liz and if you watch my Instagram account this week you'll see more close ups, selfies and outfits including some if not all of these items as I wear them leading up to Halloween. 


  1. All these Halloween looks are amazing especially the pumpkin dress. So beautiful.

  2. Oh my goodness, I cannot decide which spook-tacular outfit I like best on you! Great work to your hubby on the smoke machine! It truly adds to these photos! So fun!

  3. These clothings are like a dream